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Iconic Quad Posters in Theatre: 5 Design Tips

Iconic Quad Posters in Theatre: 5 Design Tips

Whether you’re an amateur dramatics group or a prominent production company in the world of theatre, marketing your upcoming performances is a must when it comes to making your show a success. Spreading the word through press releases and online trailers can work wonders, but there’s no denying that the power of print brings something valuable to the table.

From promoting the event to showing off your company’s existing accolades, a well-designed quad poster is sure to stand out and generate interest in your upcoming production. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how you can boost ticket sales ahead of your next performance, as we bring you our top 5 design tips for producing an eye-catching theatre quad poster.

1. Incorporate the genre into your graphics

There’s no doubt that the genre of your theatre production should play a part in the design of the poster. A family-oriented pantomime will, of course, be aimed at a very different audience to a Shakespearean tragedy, so it’s important that the design is reflective of the intended demographic. Consider the show’s genre prior to choosing your colour scheme, and build a visual strategy around these themes. For example, tragedies are defined by their darker themes, often covering topics such as death and dramatic conflicts, so opt for graphics that will effectively echo these concepts.

2. Colour communicates

Once you’ve settled on a suitable colour scheme that corresponds with the genre of the play, it’s time to focus on the exact tones and hues that you’ll use. Consider whether there are any dominant colours that feature on-stage throughout the play, or whether the protagonist regularly dresses in a particular colour. Designing your quad poster to complement the production itself will allow you to ensure cohesion between the two.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

While some well-known plays will be memorable by name, others may need to rely on imagery to create an impression. In a busy environment, passers-by don’t have the time or patience to read a text-heavy poster, so why not use pictures to convey everything that you need to? Opt for a simple design that relies on graphics rather than textual information – you’ll be surprised how much you can communicate through imagery on your quad poster.

4. Photograph or drawing? Either works

Depending on the size of the theatre company, expensive custom graphics may be a little ambitious. There’s no right way to produce the principal image for a poster – and some of the simplest designs can often be the most effective. Whether you opt for an artist’s impression of the leading thespian or a simple sketch of a relevant prop, ensuring that your graphics incorporate the main theme of the play means the audience will know what to expect – and will therefore be more inclined to buy tickets in advance.

5. Size matters

It may be a cliché, but when it comes to designing a quad poster, size certainly matters. Bold colour schemes and iconic imagery are undeniably eye-catching, but it’s crucial that the design is ideally suited to where your quad poster will be displayed – so the bigger, the better. Create maximum impact by opting for large, simple typography and ensure that your imagery dominates the space for best results.

Ensuring that the design of your quad poster is transferrable onto smaller promotional materials will mean that you can easily supplement your basic marketing materials with other prints. Whether you decide to distribute flyers and postcards or transfer your design onto the production programme, making sure that the design can be effectively scaled down will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

An expertly designed theatre poster is one key ingredient when it comes to making a theatre production a success – and by creating an eye-catching custom quad poster, you can generate the interest your show deserves.

Are you ready to see ticket sales soar? Design and order impactful quad posters online with shop4pop.com today. Either upload your own artwork or customise one of our stunning pre-made designs – then let us handle the rest!


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