3 Things You Need to Know About Promoting Your Business
Leaflet Displays: How Literature Can Strengthen Your Brand

Leaflet Displays: How Literature Can Strengthen Your Brand


No matter the industry or size of your business, advertising will always be crucial to your success. Whether you’re targeting in-store sales or looking to increase foot traffic at your next exhibition, in our guide to harnessing the power of promotional materials, you can find out how printed leaflets, flyers and literature stands can be used across a variety of industries to impact sales and boost business.

1. Advertising is about more than making a sale

While the end goal of any advertising campaign will almost always be about converting interested leads into a paying client pool, it’s often a short term fix. With a variety of promotional products available, businesses can move towards more long term, impactful strategies to build relationships with their clients and ultimately keep on increasing sales.

Brand building doesn’t follow a hard and fast set of rules and it’s not something that happens overnight. Companies spend years and millions of pounds on building familiarity with their brand, but once harnessed, the benefits that come with having a recognisable and relatable brand are immeasurable.

Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes, but not every medium will be suitable for your business. From billboards and posters to business cards and social media posts, keeping your business in the public eye requires innovation and hard work.

Whatever your industry, advertorial literature will never go out of style. Your clients and customers want to believe in your brand, and this comes from establishing and then nurturing an on-going relationship with them. From special promotions to future events, printed leaflets offer your audience a takeaway that keeps your brand fresh in their mind.

2. Printed literature is still powerful


For businesses looking to cut back on their budget, leaflet printing can be used to reach a mass audience without the hefty price tag. Lightweight and easy to transport, businesses can keep printed leaflets handy at all times, meaning they’ll have them ready if a customer or interested client asks to find out more about the business or needs contact details.

You can use printed literature to measure the success of a particular event or promotion by using unique discount codes or enquiry details, and keeping track of how many people contact your business through that particular medium. This will help you find out which form of advertising works best for your business, letting it inform the planning of future sales and exhibitions.

Printed leaflets and flyers provide consumers with a tangible item they can take away from a store or event – serving as a reminder of your brand. Just as word of mouth can be a powerful form of marketing, so can the mass exposure that goes hand in hand with printed promotional materials. And by utilising leaflet holders or literature stands, customers or event attendees are free to pick up and read the content at their leisure – without having it forced upon them.

3. Different industries need a different approach


● Buying behaviour – in retail, impactful promotional materials can be a key factor in increasing spend-per-visit. Strategically placed literature stands and leaflet holders can highlight essential information to customers – giving them the chance to spot any last minute promotions before they check out or encouraging them to pay a return visit. Generally placed at the till point, this is the ideal opportunity to give your customers some take-away leaflets promoting your special offers
● Counter top retail solutions – ensuring your essential information is clearly displayed is a must. Aesthetically appealing flyers will be overlooked if they’re not clearly visible to customers – and this is where a co-ordinated literature stand or counter top unit can be effective. They can be designed to match your printed leaflets and store’s branding – ensuring customers can easily access them on their way out of the store
● Seeing off the competition – 99% of shoppers are still buying in-store, and printed literature is a contributing factor to those stats. But with online shopping sales soaring, keeping customers on the high street is no easy task. Making the most of tangible products and one-to-one engagement is a sure-fire way to keep business booming – so make sure you’re providing a service shoppers won’t find online

Events and exhibitions

● Encourage engagement – by handing out printed flyers and leaflets ahead of an event or on the day, you’re guaranteed to spark conversations with passers by and potential event attendees. In a world dominated by social media and multiple marketing channels, the power of face-to-face engagement is often underestimated – but getting back to basics can boost event attendance and help to break down the barrier between businesses and their clients
● Ballot and suggestion boxes – easy to move around, these boxes are ideal for collecting event feedback, business cards or competition entries. Important contact information can be easily misplaced post-event, but these handy, lightweight boxes can gather all essential information in one place – and can be customised to suit any event or industry

Choosing and designing your printed materials


At shop4pop.com, we understand that no two customers are looking for the same thing from their printed promotional materials – and that’s why our leaflet printing services are designed with you in mind. Thanks to a variety of pre-designed products and highly customisable options, we can print your leaflets and the stands you’ll display them in.

Whether it’s an A4 leaflet holder or a pack of 25 A5 flyers with a matching dispenser, our designs can help you target a relevant audience by keeping your branding consistent. If you have a design in mind or want to incorporate your business’ branding to keep things cohesive across your literature and leaflet holders, we can help there, too. Simply upload your own artwork and let us take care of the rest.

With shop4pop.com, customising your flyers, literature and leaflet stands couldn’t be easier.

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