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Is Your Bookshop Making the Most of Dump Bins?

Is Your Bookshop Making the Most of Dump Bins?

With the rise of tablets, mobile devices and e-books, it’s clear that the digital age has changed both the way that we read and how we typically access literature. The convenience of having a whole library full of books at your fingertips may appeal to a whole host of readers, but despite technology, there’s no replacement for the real thing – which is why bricks-and-mortar bookshops will continue to be a high street favourite in 2017.

Whether it’s between the traditional stores or the online world, competition will always be high for book retailers, which is why it’s crucial that physical bookshops are taking full advantage of retail merchandising strategies. Showing off bestsellers with an FSDU will draw attention to a particular range of your in-store stock, but it’s the often overlooked dump bin which can boost sales even further. That’s why today, we’re exploring all the ins and outs of how to make the most of cardboard dump bins – so you can maximise on merchandising and increase in-store sales in your bookshop.

Appealing to impulse purchasers

Whether they’re browsing the bestsellers or have entered the store in search of a particular paperback, encouraging customers to increase their average spend-per-visit couldn’t be easier with an effective product display. From book lights to printed tote bags, there’s no shortage of low value items that will supplement the range of books in your store, and a customised dump bin is the perfect place to host these items and encourage additional spending.

Positioning impulse buys close to complementing stock in a large dump bin will make those much needed items easier to reach, improving each customer’s shopping experience and encouraging them to pick up additional products. Alternatively, a well-placed dump bin at the point of sale is guaranteed to attract the attention of shoppers as they queue for the till point, prompting them to pick up any last minute items before they check out.

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Tapping into the latest trends

From the book genre to the particular thread of a novel, grouping products by theme in a bookshop is a merchandising tactic which ensures that your range of stock stands out. Grouping items around a theme when positioning products will create a seamless store layout, but why stop there? Investing in dump bins and filling them with themed merchandise means you can capitalise on the latest craze, as giving consumers exactly what they want will dramatically increase your in-store revenue.

So whether it’s a newly-released book, a recently adapted film or a famous character that’s making a comeback on-screen, make sure that your dump bins are filled with fast-moving, themed merch that appeals to your customers.

Boosting profits with a bargain book bin


Whether it’s fact or fiction, there’s no doubt that the diverse array of literature in your bookstore will leave you struggling for space on the shelves. Harder to shift items can often leave the store feeling cluttered, as well as limiting the range of the latest books, and that’s why selling off deadstock is so important in this retail environment.

Retail bins are an affordable solution for adding additional aisle space, and display dump bins that are stocked full with discounted products will instantly attract any bargain buyers. To ensure these items sell, consider adding a special offer to the slower sellers – and make their unbeatable price stand out by positioning the products in a small dump bin at the end of an aisle or at the point of sale.

From exciting impulse purchasers to distracting consumers as they queue for the point of sale, customised dump bins for shops can be all that a retailer needs to maximise on in-store sales. At, our range of customisable cardboard display bins are both lightweight and affordable, making them the perfect retail display choice for your bookstore.

Are you ready to maximise sales in your bookshop? Browse our selection of cardboard dump bins for retail, and customise your design online!

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