How to merchandise SALE in your small store |
How to merchandise SALE in your small store

How to merchandise SALE in your small store

How to display your ‘SALE’ in store:

An end of season sale can often be a great revenue driver but in some cases, if it it’s not merchandised and maintained correctly it can be very off putting, messy and unappealing to your potential customers.

Space savers

First thing to keep in mind is that sale takes up a lot of space! Sales are often made up of a little bit of everything and the products included can range in shape and size. This means it can be hard to setup your display without it looking untidy. Whether you’re selling confectionery, clothing or DIY items, a Dump Bin (otherwise known as a bargain bin) can be a good investment for your small store.  It’s a great storage solution, providing you with a great deal of  product space in a compact area. Better still you can also brand the Dump Bin in a typical ‘sale’ fashion (red background and white lettering) and include your company logo too!  Dump Bins are not only easy to move around but they can be reused time and time again. If  your sale includes fragile products, such as drinks or sun creams you would be better off with an FSDU, which allows you to stand your products upright, these can be branded in the same way as a Dump Bin. FSDUs and Dump Bins can also save you a great deal of time, there’s no need to rearrange your store shelves, or in the case of a Dump Bin , there’s no need to organise anything, just pop in your products!

Keep on moving

During its launch period the sale should be in its most prominent position.  However, as the products start to sell through, don’t be afraid to move the sale to another position within the store. This is especially apparent if new lines arrive in-store; new stock should be placed in the most noticeable position within your store as they’re likely to drive much higher revenue and be more relevant to the current season.

Track it & Tag it

Monitor what is selling and make sure you replenish stock that has sold through, if there’s no back stock of that particular item, fill the display with more of another sale item.  If you markdown using stickers, make sure none have fallen off and make sure you markdown any replenishment stock that hits the shop floor. If customers have to ask you for a price it can deter them from a spur of the moment purchase.


Keep in mind who you are and your brand proposition. If you’re a discount retailer you will get away with heavy POS in your sale area as well as high density merchandising. If you’re a luxury retailer you should keep your sale area spacious and use less sale orientated POS.  Before you start moving things around make sure you make a plan, so you know exactly what look you’re aiming for.

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