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6 Top Tips for Designing & Producing Your Quad Poster

6 Top Tips for Designing & Producing Your Quad Poster

6 Top Tips for Designing & Producing Your Quad Poster

Having an aesthetically appealing film poster is essential if you want to sell your film. Marketing is a huge, influential space for creative designers – and with so much riding on a film’s success, there are a number of things to keep in mind when designing and producing your quad poster.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some top tips for you to consider when you’re planning and producing your next film poster.

  1. Show, don’t tell

The most effective quad posters are iconic and elusive; they hint at the genre and theme of the film without giving away the storyline. This can be done by using close-up, abstract imagery that provides a visual teaser of what’s to come. Modern film posters tend to use images that put their audience in the middle of a prime scene from the film – essentially making them part of the action. Having seen just enough to intrigue them, the person viewing the poster then needs to see the film in order to resolve the situation.

  1. Be consistent

The style of your film poster needs to be consistent with both the movies promotional materials and the film itself. That way, as your audience are being targeted through various marketing channels, you’ll create an identity for the film that your audience will begin to recognise.

Familiarity is particularly important if your film is a sequel or based on a book or television series – this is something you need to make obvious! By grabbing the attention of the fans of these publications using something that is instantly recognisable, you’ll be able to encourage and nurture a return audience.

  1. Keep it traditional

We all know a film poster when we see one. If you move away from this traditional layout, you run the risk of it looking like a general marketing campaign for a book or album. Remember, although your poster is a creative piece, its main purpose is to sell the film to its target audience. Break the conventions at your own peril!

  1. Get feedback

Trying to come up with something unique and special without breaking out of the traditional format can be challenging. Embrace the feedback and opinion of others and ask questions! It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can spot when being asked some prompting and opened ended questions about the design. Keep updating the poster until you are 100% satisfied – after all, this is your vision and your piece of work, make sure you are happy with it!

  1. Quality matters

Filmmakers spend a good proportion of their time thinking about the production quality of their movies, including the colour correction and visual effects. Ensure you also spend a little bit of time thinking about the quality of your poster. Your film poster acts as your presentation card. Your audience will see your quad poster before they watch the movie, and if the quality is poor, they may tarnish your film with the same brush.

  1. Choose the right suppliers

To ensure your quad poster is of the highest possible quality, use a reputable printer and designer. Do your research and check for any up-to-date reviews regarding their services. Are they well established? Who else have they worked with in your industry? What machinery do they use?

Most printers and designers will be willing to communicate with each other to ensure the end result is the best possible one. If in doubt, ask for a sample of their previous work. A designer should be able to provide you with a sample portfolio of their work, while a printer should be able to show you a sample poster that they’ve produced for another client. If you’re still in doubt, why not start by ordering just one unit to check the print quality for yourself?

There’s no minimum order quantity with Shop4pop.com, so you can easily pop a test run through our system for just one unit. Alternatively, we will happily provide you with a printed quad poster that illustrates the work we’ve done for previous clients.



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