How Merchandising Displays Increase Sales
How Merchandising Displays Increase Sales

How Merchandising Displays Increase Sales

As any store or brand manager will know, an impactful merchandising display is crucial when it comes to ensuring that the products and services you offer are selling themselves. From encouraging impromptu purchases to highlighting additional in-store spending options, retail merchandising is an effective marketing strategy that will show off your store, brand and products in their best light. Whether it’s an iconic window display to entice consumers through the doors or a custom-made display that highlights a certain product’s features, a well-designed retail display is sure to keep your customers spending.

At, we’re experts in designing and creating eye-catching merchandising displays, which is why we’ve collated all the need-to-knows in today’s comprehensive guide. From retail stores to restaurants and pop-up shops, we’ll be explaining how to harness the power of printed merchandising displays to encourage additional spending in your store, bar or restaurant.

So, whether you’re looking for ideas to increase sales in retail stores or building brand awareness around an upcoming experiential marketing campaign, we’ll give you the lowdown on which POS displays you need, and where to position them.

Retail environments

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With the rise of retailtainment and immersive in-store experiences, it’s more important than ever for store managers to encourage business and boost profits by finding out how to increase sales in retail. From the store window to the POS display, a successful retail environment will harness a whole range of merchandising techniques in order to persuade the consumer to keep on spending.

  • Entertainment stores: the entertainment industry has always been a competitive market, which means you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. The entertainment store has become a hotspot for video-gamers, music-lovers and film-buffs alike, transforming a regular shopping trip into an immersive experience for unique clientele. As well as interactive displays, in-store demos and eye-catching point of sale displays, successful entertainment stores are using impactful quad posters around the store to advertise both the products and their brand
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets: whether customers are searching for a particular item or doing a weekly food shop, where possible, managers of supermarkets and grocery stores should be attempting to increase the consumer’s average in-store spend. Showing off unbeatable bargains at the end of the aisles with high-quality FSDUs means you can tap into the impulse buyer’s shopping habits, and a point of purchase display that’s packed with products will keep consumers occupied as they queue for the checkout. When it comes to looking at how to maximise sales in retail, directing consumers to key products with shelf wobblers is an affordable merchandising technique that means you can prompt customers to pick up a particular promotion without having to shell out on expensive visual aids
  • Fashion and clothing stores: predominantly located in busy areas such as on the high street or in a shopping centre, standing out from the crowd is one of the most important things for fashion and clothing stores. An eye-catching window display will persuade passers-by to step foot inside your brick-and-mortar store, so regularly updating the theme and collection of products in this space is crucial. As they make their way around the store, well-stocked displays will encourage shoppers to head to the point of sale with products in-hand, so set aside some time for planning each season’s in-store displays. Utilising the space at the point of sale with a customisable dump bin means retailers can entice consumers to increase their in-store spending as they queue for the till point – so make sure there’s a range of irresistible impulse purchases such as accessories, make-up and confectionary on offer as they check out

Food and drink industry

If you’re the head of a drinks brand or a manager of a food chain, and wondering how to increase sales in restaurant and other food outlets, you could be missing a visual merchandising trick. From generating sales with prominent advertising to increasing the average consumer spend with up-selling techniques, tapping into the food and drinks industry’s most popular merchandising strategies will mean you see sales soar.

  • Tent cards: in a restaurant, the customer will be looking for prompts to help them choose what to order, which is why so many eateries are investing in dynamic tent cards. Positioned straight in front of the consumer’s eyeline, these table talkers are easily accessible to the customer, so you can convey your sales message directly to them. As seasons change, so will your menu, which is why an affordable table talker is such a popular choice in the hospitality industry. From seasonal promotions to advertising limited-time offers, a custom tent card will ensure that your customers can take full advantage of key dishes on the menu
  • Hanging signs: whether it’s table-service or an order-at-the-bar service, there’s no reason why advertisements for meal deals should be relegated to the menu design. As a consumer makes their way through the establishment, your merchandising display will encourage customers to take full advantage of your in-house offers, so make full use of the overhead space in your café or restaurant with eye-catching hanging signs
  • Business cards: building a relationship with the consumer will create a sense of brand loyalty, meaning customers are more likely to keep on spending with your business in the future. Loyalty card schemes reward customers for their repeat business with discounts and special offers, and high-quality stampable cards will encourage customers to keep on coming back for more

Merchandising at events

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Reports show that 2016 was the second consecutive year of significant growth in demand for events and experiential marketing, and as we settle into the new year, brands are showing no sign of shying away from these immersive marketing experiences. From putting on a pop-up demo in a supermarket to spreading your brand message to festival-goers, there’s no shortage of unique ways to merchandise your brand at an event.

  • Festivals: from food festivals to music events, this unconventional exhibit space is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make your brand go viral. With a captive audience who are more than willing to get involved, it’s no surprise that festivals are such a prime location for an experiential campaign. Whether it’s a dance floor and DJ or a pop-up beauty salon, thinking outside the box with your brand is a sure-fire way to attract revellers. Move your event branding away from the more corporate signage by ensuring your stand is different. Try filling an FSDU with freebies and encouraging groups to share your brand message on social media
  • Pop-up shops: as a relatively low-risk opportunity to trial out a new concept, pop-up shops are an affordable solution for both startups and global brands looking to release a new product. Pop-up shops offer the chance to raise brand awareness – as well as generate a quick profit. The here today, gone tomorrow ethos drives impulse buyers through the door, so a well merchandised pop-up is sure to give your overall sales targets a boost. Cardboard FSDUs and free-standing dump bins are an affordable solution for retailers looking to display products in the short-term, and visually-arresting window clings and branded hanging signs will leave a lasting impression in shoppers’ minds
  • Trade shows: offering the opportunity to network with clients and consumers, a trade show allows brands to meet and greet with a captive audience who are already interested in the industry. In this busy exhibition space, it’s eye-catching merchandising techniques that will entice passers-by to stop off at your stand, so make the most of your unit’s potential by investing in high-quality banners and retail display units

From encouraging in-store spending to raising brand awareness, harnessing the right sorts of merchandising displays for your business can have a dramatic effect on its success. What are you waiting for? Give your sales a boost today by ordering your printed merchandising displays with Customise your design online, and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

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