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Hanging Signs: Buyer’s Guide

Hanging Signs: Buyer’s Guide

From retailers looking to draw attention to timely promotions to event marketers finding ways to stand out from the competition, custom hanging signs can serve as powerful and impactful advertising tools.

Today, we’re bringing our readers an informative, handy guide to hanging signs – looking at what they are, where they can be used and how you can design your own.

What are hanging signs?

Printed onto 1000mic display board, our high quality hanging signs are designed to be suspended from ceilings – removing the need to take up valuable shop floor space, while alerting customers to special offers and promotions or simply mapping out the layout of the store. This form of customisable advertising space can be easily assembled and taken down – allowing retailers and event exhibitors to create timely and impactful promotional displays.

How can you use hanging signs?


Hanging shop signs can be used to draw attention to particular products or even create a narrative throughout your store. From displaying characters associated with your brand to posing questions, these printed signs can help to break down the barrier between a business and its customer base, immersing shoppers in a brand experience during their time in store. Whether it’s a single hanging sign or series of banners, these visual aids can really create an impact – and thanks to their extendable spring hooks and flexibility, you can move them around the store as easily as your products.

This form of advertising has the power to divert customers’ attention away from the hustle and bustle of busy stores or buzzing event forums, so make sure your message is designed to make an immediate impact. Beyond the retail industry, hanging signage can be used in the event industry to draw crowds to particular areas or encourage people to visit your exhibition stand. Our banners and signs are lightweight, too, meaning transportation won’t be an issue – so you can take your promotions on the move, without having to worry about the impracticalities of carrying around heavy marketing materials.

Customising your hanging signage


Whatever your industry, if you’re looking to shake up your marketing, we can help. At shop4pop.com, we’ll create hanging signage and banner signs that reflect your business and get you noticed. Whether you’re networking at a national business event or promoting a new product in your store, we’ve got the printed promotional tools to drive your business forward.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you to create a range of irresistible branded promotional materials. With our help, you can ensure that branding is consistent across all of your display materials – encouraging your audience to recognise and engage with your brand. You can reach us on 0191 419 8655. We look forward to your call!

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