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Getting Summer Ready: Designing Your Point of Sale Display

Getting Summer Ready: Designing Your Point of Sale Display

We may still be in the midst of unpredictable April showers, but with the nation lighting up their barbecues to enjoy the first glimmers of warmer weather, there’s no doubt that summer is on its way – and that means retailers should be preparing their stores to suit the season.

One of the first rules in retail merchandising is relevancy, and that means that a summer-themed point of purchase display is a must-have for retailers that are ready to welcome in this time of year. From changing the colour scheme to suit the season to switching product lines to meet the current needs of shoppers, a store that’s summer-ready is far more likely to encourage additional consumer spending. The point of sale is no doubt the most prominent place for retailers to appeal to impulse buyers, and that’s why today, we’ll be explaining how you can make an impact with your POS display.

Choosing the type of POS display stands

When it comes to choosing your point of sale material, the extensive range of customisable display products mean that there’s no shortage of choice. The most important aspect will always be the kind of stock which is intended for the display, as retail display stands must have the capacity to hold your products securely for an extended period of time.

Sturdy FSDUs will hold heavier products in and around the point of sale, for example, whereas it may be more appropriate to display delicate items in a small counter display unit. So whether you’re selling sun cream or ornate paper fans, choosing a customisable display which will show off your products in the best light is crucial for making the most of your low-value seasonal stock.

Designing your point of sale materials

Colour psychology will play a predominant role in retail merchandising throughout the year, and certain colours will be suited to particular seasons. While the winter months will see a predominance of red, green and gold colour schemes throughout brick-and-mortar stores, come summertime, floral-themed displays made up of vibrant yellows, pinks and purples will reign in retail displays.

Your springtime artwork may be a step in the right direction, but as the seasons change, so should your current SS17 displays – and that means injecting even more colour into the design. Ensuring relevancy by purchasing new retail display stands to suit the summertime may seem like a lot of effort, but with competitive prices across our products, switching up your point of sale displays is an investment that will soon pay off.

Stocking your POS displays

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Different seasons will no doubt bring a new range of items which are appropriate for the point of sale, and while the specific product line is likely to depend on the type of retail store, seasonal-themed stock means that retailers can tap into the latest buying trends and needs of consumers. From clothing stores to supermarkets, filling point of sale displays with sweets during the summer holidays means that you can appeal to the children who hold the power to persuade their parents to make additional purchases.

In the same way, orientating stock towards seasonal shoppers by positioning items like sun protection creams and handheld fans at the point of sale means that your store will provide all the necessities that shoppers will need during the summertime.

From giving your customers what they want to persuading them to take a look at those seasonal added extras, relevant and well designed POS displays mean retailers can take full advantage of consumers’ summer spending habits.

Are you ready to give your sales a boost? See your store grow to new levels of success this season by browsing our extensive collection of high quality retail display materials. If you can already envision your summertime point of sale, why not get ahead of the competition by customising the design online today?

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