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FSDUs: Why They Work at Events and Exhibitions

FSDUs: Why They Work at Events and Exhibitions

Whether customers have booked online via your Online Booking System or contacted you in person, now you’re ready to execute your event, it’s crucial you understand the power of boosting brand visibility and how to network with potential customers face-to-face. From drawing attention to the high quality of your products and services to building relationships with attendees, events and exhibitions are an opportunity to drive future sales and raise the profile of a brand.

Whether it’s standing out from competing exhibitors or ensuring that your campaign conveys key marketing messages, a well designed event or exhibit space can make all the difference when it comes to the success of a brand’s marketing strategies. That’s why today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the FSDU, as we bring you the breakdown on why these floor display stands work so well at events and exhibitions.

Showing off your stock with special offers

We may be well accustomed to seeing FSDUs positioned on the path to the point of sale in an effectively merchandised retail store, but that’s not to say that exhibitors and event hosts shouldn’t experiment with an FSDU unit for their upcoming expo.

While building brand awareness will be at the forefront of the campaign’s aims, an event or exhibition also provides the opportunity to drive product sales throughout the day – and a lightweight FSDU means you can make your stock seem irresistible by placing key products directly in the eye-line of attendees.

Whether it’s a limited-time only offer to appeal to the impulsive buyer, or you’re highlighting a more long term hefty discount, promoting the unbeatable value that comes with your products will no doubt encourage attendees to make a purchase – whether that’s on the day or in the near future.

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Combining branding with function

Whether you’re exhibiting in a festival pop-up or setting up in a permanent exhibition centre, it’s crucial you make your brand stand out by taking full advantage of the allotted space.

The short term use of the area means easy-to-assemble retail displays will save your team valuable time setting up on the day, and investing in customisable self-standing structures means that you can incorporate your iconic branding into the design of the stand.

From choosing a colour scheme which fits with your branding to printing your marketing messages directly onto FSDUs, adorning floor display stands with your brand identity means that you’ll be able to promote the business at the same time as displaying sample products.

Stocking up your stand with samples

Making your brand memorable will no doubt create a sense of brand loyalty in the minds of attendees, increasing the likelihood of securing a sale with them in the future – but showing off your stock is just as important. From free samples to complementary catalogues which detail your product line, allowing potential customers to see what’s on offer means attendees can feel confident in what they’re purchasing – ensuring that they remember your brand in a positive light.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality display units at the most competitive prices, so if you’re searching for FSDU suppliers that you can count on, look no further than shop4pop.com.

Customising our sturdy and lightweight FSDUs with your branding will attract attendees and ensure that your marketing campaign is a success – so whether it’s for an upcoming event or industry exhibition, make sure that you browse our extensive range of freestanding displays online today.

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