The Latest and Greatest FSDUs on Instagram |
#FSDU: Instagram’s Latest and Greatest Retail Displays

#FSDU: Instagram’s Latest and Greatest Retail Displays

Whether it’s to add extra aisle space or to advertise an exciting new product, FSDUs make a big impact in retail. The versatility of these customisable retail displays makes them easy to position in-store – whether that’s at the shop entrance or by the point of sale – and means it’s easier than ever for retailers to encourage additional in-store spending.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at the latest and greatest FSDUs to hit the stores and make an impression on Instagram. From product promotions to special offer displays, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on how these dynamic free-standing display units can be harnessed in retail environments for best results.

Learning from household names is always a great place to start – and by aspiring to the success of these big brands, you can give your FSDUs the best chance of increasing what shoppers spend in your store.


Coca-Cola is famous for big ideas and even bigger marketing strategies, and this is as evident in the brand’s in-store retail displays as it is in interactive billboards and high-budget TV ads. Taking the traditional FSDU to a larger scale, Coca-Cola has created its own aisle space specifically designed for its iconic branding.

Do it yourself: you may not be working with the same sort of budget as Coca-Cola, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t brave bigger and bolder ideas. Make both your branding and sales messages clear on your FSDUs – and don’t forget to harness the versatility of these display solutions by bringing together a broad range of related products in one place.


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Cadbury’s has always made the most of the Easter season, but this is taken to impressive extremes with this ‘Easter Express’ FSDU. Emblazoned in the brand’s unforgettable imagery, these display units are nothing if not eye-catching. Going the extra mile with a steam train style front, this FSDU commands attention and gives Cadbury’s’ Easter themed products a powerful platform.

Do it yourself: FSDUs may only be designed to advertise products, but the most effective designs are ones that go beyond your typical promotion tactics. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take a short detour from your sales message. Making your FSDU memorable can have a welcome impact on brand awareness, and encourage more shoppers to see what the promotion is all about – which can only mean an increase in product sales.

Jack Daniel’s

Premium brand Jack Daniel’s has been taken back to basics in this rugged, handmade retail display that echoes everything the whisky retailer is about. The brand celebrated its 150th birthday this year, making a vintage approach to product merchandising highly appropriate for a retailer with roots as deep as these. This sense of heritage is crystal clear in these wooden FSDUs, which combine to create a retail display that’s both sturdy and dripping with style.

Do it yourself: consistency is key when designing an FSDU for a particular product. Consider your company branding, as well as any recurring sales messages, and carry these core values  through to your FSDU.


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Multinational cosmetics company Revlon is, in many ways, an aspirational brand – and this idea of longing is effectively conveyed through the carefully chosen colour scheme on these FSDUs (consisting of feminine pinks, vibrant reds and a luxurious use of black). These contrasting colours certainly stand out in this American retail store, meaning consumers are left unable to resist adding these products to their baskets.

Do it yourself: colour psychology plays a crucial role in retail merchandising, and business owners shouldn’t be afraid to stray temporarily from their typical colour scheme when other shades present lucrative opportunities. Bold colour schemes stand out in retail stores, so explore the range of possibilities available to you and make choices based on the science behind buying decisions.

BEAR & Urban Fruit

BEAR and Urban Fruit are two brands renowned for delivering healthy nibbles to the masses – and their reputation for rawness is perfectly reflected in this offbeat approach to the FSDU. Opting for a no-nonsense rustic design made from wooden crates, this FSDU truly succeeds in evoking the sense of natural goodness associated with both brands.

Do it yourself: authentic wooden crates create an undeniably powerful aesthetic, but incorporating the theme into a cardboard display will make for a much more affordable investment – as well as being far more versatile when it comes to positioning them around your store. Look out for eye-catching alternatives to the real deal and consider creating a bespoke design to give your FSDUs a rustic feel.

Whether they’re lining your point of sale or positioned at the end of aisles to promote a new product, FSDUs are designed to attract the attention of impulse buyers and encourage shoppers to add more to their basket each time they visit.

Increase customer spend on key products by ordering your own custom FSDUs from Our fully customisable retail display units are printed in high definition, and their lightweight design means they couldn’t be easier to assemble.

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