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FSDUs: Buyer’s Guide

FSDUs: Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re advertising a new product or are in need of more shelf space, fully-customisable point of purchase display units are a must-have for any store.

Today, we’re giving you all the need-to-knows for finding your perfect FSDU. From implementing free standing display boards into marketing strategies to looking at which sectors they’re best suited to, our buyer’s guide will give you all the advice you need for your next POS display purchase.

What are FSDUs?

Free standing display units are flexible point of purchase displays that aren’t constrained to a perimeter wall or another fixed display unit. With the ability to stand freely and hold a number of products, an FSDU is both an advertising space and a form of storage. Typically made out of cardboard, these space-saving solutions are delivered flat packed and are easy to assemble.

Whether the FSDU incorporates particular branding or is tailored to suit a specific product, each free standing display can be fully-customised to suit your needs – meaning retailers can easily create eye-catching POS displays. Their lightweight design makes FSDUs an ideal choice for retailers looking to utilise their store layout and capitalise on a customer’s in-store spend – making them vital for anyone seeking sales success.

Why should I use FSDUs in my marketing?

Whether you’re in need of additional advertising space, looking for a way to display your promotion in a more prominent place or seeking a temporary display unit for an upcoming event, a versatile customised FSDU is an ideal solution.

Low-cost and easy to assemble, a freestanding display board is perfect for storing samples at any pop-up event. In-store, FSDUs are a fantastic way to display a new brand or discounted product, as the easy-to-manoeuvre units can be placed in the most prominent positions throughout the customer journey.

What products are suited to an FSDU?

Made from sturdy EB flute board, our FSDUs are able to facilitate a wide range of different products. While cardboard dump bins are perfect for large batches of products, the shelving options on free standing display boards make them the ideal choice for displaying stackable products at eye-level. Dump bins can entice customers to rummage for a bargain buy, while an organised freestanding shelving unit will help draw attention to new products arriving in store.

From DVDs to consumables and lightbulbs to paperbacks, there’s sure to be an FSDU to suit every retail sector. In supermarkets and retail stores, use your FSDU to advertise a particular product range, and place similar items nearby to prompt an additional in-store spend. In the hospitality industry, design your display unit to suit a variety of branded products. For example, think about dedicating one shelf to savouries and another to confectionary – making your wide selection of consumables too good to resist!

Choosing your FSDU design

flexible FSDUs

When it comes to customising your free standing display unit, maximising on advertising is one of the most important things to consider. Free standing units might be the perfect solution to limited shelving-space, but personalising the product to suit your store or brand is vital for an eye-catching retail display.

Consider the psychology of colour and remember the importance of maintaining your brand identity across your store. When promoting a certain product, think about whether your design will allow you to reuse your FSDU in the future for similar products. Customising a unit to suit certain stock is sure to demand attention, but a more versatile design could save you space in the stock-room when your particular promotion ends.

Ordering your FSDUs with shop4pop.com

When it comes to printing, look no further than shop4pop.com. From POS display units to cardboard dump bins, our durable and eye-catching products are the perfect choice for any retail merchandising strategy.

Printed in high definition UV ink on high quality EB Flute reinforced board, each POP display unit is fully-customisable to suit your branding. The strength and durability of our products means that they can facilitate a high level of stock and be repositioned across your store a number of times – making shop4pop.com the one-stop shop for high-quality advertising and space-saving solutions.

Ready to design your own free standing display unit? Boost your in-store sales this September – get started on your next advertising campaign today by ordering your customisable cardboard FSDU online.

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