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FSDUs for DIY Stores

FSDUs for DIY Stores

Whether it’s a large-scale DIY warehouse or a well-known high street retailer, home improvement stores can be a hugely profitable avenue for DIY stockists. As with any physical store, it’s effective merchandising techniques and a well-thought out store layout which will give retailers the edge in the industry – which is why eye-catching visuals and free standing display boards are so important for any store that’s striving for success.

From state-of-the-art power tools to the smaller home improvement essentials, the wide range of stock means that there’s no shortage of ways that hardware retailers can encourage additional in-store spending. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at how you can use a versatile eye-catching FSDU design to boost profits in your brick-and-mortar DIY store.

Group products with a free standing display unit

When it comes to designing the store layout, ensuring that products are grouped by theme or range will ensure that the customer’s in-store journey is seamless – improving their overall in-store shopping experience.

From paint brushes to cleaning products, filling FSDUs with fast-moving stock at the edge of aisles and around the point of sale means you can save valuable shelf space – as well as boosting sales by drawing attention to the essential DIY products that your customer will no doubt need in the near future.

Tap into seasonal trends

Home improvement may be a year-round activity, but as the seasons change, so will the needs of shoppers – especially when it comes to DIY. As we say goodbye to the long nights and harsh winter weather, avid gardeners will waste no time in heading outdoors to show their much loved foliage some TLC – which is why, come springtime, so many DIY stores will adapt their most prominent displays to show off a selection of garden-related stock.

Highlighting a range of products that are relevant to the time of year means stores will direct consumers to the items that they actually need, encouraging them to increase their average spend-per-visit – and the light weight of an FSDU makes these displays a versatile choice for when it comes to boosting in-store profits.

Encourage last-minute purchases


Whether shoppers are paying for goods or making their way to the exit, the point of sale is the retailer’s final chance to generate an increase of sales – as well as leaving a positive lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Positioning low-value items and easy-to-shift stock in this section of the store will always appeal to impulse buyers – and the feeling of walking away with a good deal is one that will encourage a repeat visit.

From power extension leads to packs of batteries, giving shoppers easy access to the things that they actually need means that retailers can enhance the consumer’s average spend-per-visit – as well as prompting customers to return to your well organised store in the future.

Eye-catching window displays and iconic quad posters will no doubt draw consumers into and around a store, but it’s positioning products on prominently placed free standing display units that will appeal to shoppers as they make their way to the point of sale.

Are you ready to give your in-store sales a boost? Shake up your DIY store this spring by ordering your customisable cardboard FSDU online today. With each design printed in high definition on sturdy and durable EB flute board, at shop4pop.com, we guarantee the highest of quality when it comes to retail displays.

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