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FSDUs at Freshers’ Fairs: Why They Work

FSDUs at Freshers’ Fairs: Why They Work

With pop-up shops cropping up in every shopping centre and mobile promotion vehicles setting up for the day on the busiest city high streets, it’s clear that the unprecedented success of these short-term marketing techniques is only set to continue. Whether you’re targeting impulse buyers or looking to expand your advertising strategies, exhibiting at millennial-oriented pop-up events offers an ideal way to generate some welcome sales.

Some students may find it difficult to budget their money, but that certainly doesn’t mean that retailers should be avoiding this demographic. Many students are more than willing to spare some of their weekly budget for their favourite brands, so tailoring your product promotion strategies to appeal to the millennial consciousness can be highly worthwhile. And as term starts again for university students, we’re taking a look at why freshers’ fairs have become something of a retail hotspot.

Building brand loyalty

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, getting your name out there couldn’t be easier when you explore some of the more unconventional exhibition spaces. That’s why so many businesses are pitching up on campuses worldwide to reap the benefits that come with catering to the student population.

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and that’s especially true for students. Whether you opt for miniature samples of your products or hand out branded merchandise to passers-by, freebies will work wonders when it comes to getting your name out there. Take your product promo to the next level by showing off your samples in fully customisable free-standing display units, and you’ll soon be making a big brand impact on the Twittersphere.

Capturing data


The majority of millennials spend time online every day, so why not increase your social media reach by connecting with students online? From asking attendees to follow your brand on Twitter and Facebook to getting their email addresses, this data is easily accessible and can prove incredibly valuable to your business. Many members of public may initially be hesitant to give out their personal data, so it can help to offer rewards in return for their name and email address. Whether it’s a discount on your products or free branded merchandise, encouraging students to spread the word online is a lot easier if they know they’re getting something in return.

Trialling new concepts

Whether you’re a fledgling business looking for brand exposure or an established business looking to take a new direction, trialling new concepts out on the public can give you an opportunity to test approaches in a real-world environment and gain valuable insight. Market research exercises in busy exhibition spaces will provide far more feedback than you would get in smaller focus groups – and it’s likely to result in really honest results, too.

Where better to try out new product promotion strategies than on the discerning Generation Y at a freshers’ fair? Here, you’ll have an ideal opportunity to find out how to use millennials’ spending habits to your advantage by asking them directly for their comments and criticisms on your concept.

Creating contacts

The incredible popularity of social media influencers has encouraged businesses to reinvent their marketing techniques – meaning ‘brand ambassadors’ now play an important role in promoting a brand.

Brand ambassadors can be found on campus at any university, and it can be surprising how much influence these figures have over their peers. More and more businesses are recruiting online influencers with a strong social media following as their in-house brand ambassadors – so why not follow suit? Set up a meet-and-greet with potential candidates at a freshers’ fair and encourage them to join your team!

Generation Y (often dubbed the ‘digital addicts’) are one of the most influential consumer groups in modern society, and are becoming increasingly influential to marketing and retail merchandising strategies across the globe – so make sure you’re on campus this Freshers’ Week.

Ready to take your latest product promotion on campus? Order your high-quality FSDU online today with shop4pop.com! Our free-standing display boards are fully customisable, meaning your stand can perfectly reflect your company branding and ensure your unique brand identity will be remembered by thousands of the UK’s most influential shoppers.

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