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Take Your Spring Cleaning In-Store with These Tips

Take Your Spring Cleaning In-Store with These Tips

With British Summer Time just around the corner, the nation is finally saying goodbye to the bitter winter temperatures and welcoming the sunshine once again. After the post-Christmas spending lull, shoppers are at long last making their way back onto the high street to explore all that SS17 has to offer, making this the time for retailers to clean up their stores before the season gets into full swing.

As the seasons change, so should a store’s POS displays – but that’s not to say that it’s the only thing involved in the great retail spring clean. From shifting dead stock in a dump bin to giving the floor layout a facelift, today, we’ll be giving you the breakdown on how to spruce up your store in time for spring – so you can make the most of the new season.

Give the shop floor a facelift


Whether you’re making way for seasonal stock or just in need of a change, switching up your store layout can not only improve the customer’s in-store experience but by giving a new lease of life to the shop floor, you can create a retail space that’s visibly refreshed.

Sprucing up the floors and adding a new lick of paint can instantly change the atmosphere of your store, but it’s altering the way that the customer makes their way around the store that will really add impact. While moving countertops and shelving units can prove to be a challenge, free-standing display units can be used to direct consumers during their journey around the store – and with dump bins for retail purposes being both easy to assemble and lightweight, they’re a versatile choice for each and every store.

Evaluate your inventory

As any retailer will know, saving space is crucial when it comes to brick and mortar stores – and that means there will never be room to spare for dead stock. While discounted products will always appeal to bargain buyers, the majority of customers will be seeking the latest trends – so make sure that you make space for seasonal styles by lowering price points. Whether you hold a storewide sale or draw attention to the discounts on those hard-to-shift products with an FSDU, selling off slow-moving stock ahead of the new season peak will ensure that your store appears both organised and up to date – and you could even see some profit in return for your dead stock.

Take a closer look at your POS displays


While cardboard dump bins are a must-have for any in-store sale that’s destined for success, positioning retail displays in and around the point of sale means that you can place the latest product lines directly in the eye line of the consumer – which will increase their likelihood of adding the item to their basket. FSDUs and dump bins for shops are fully customisable, and combined with their long-lasting nature and competitive price tags, opting for eye-catching and seasonal designs can mean that investing in these free-standing units will lead to a healthy return when it comes to sales revenue.

Check your records and reconnect

With the great outdoors in full bloom, it’s time for business relationships to blossom – which is why retailers should make every effort to reconnect with consumers during the springtime. Spring clean your customer records by taking a look at the contacts on your mailing list – and once you know which email addresses are still active, don’t be afraid to get in touch. From mailing out brochures detailing your new line of stock to advertising an upcoming sale via email, reaching out to those customers who haven’t shopped with you in recent months could mean your store sees a rise in footfall – and that can only mean an increase of sales.

Are you ready to give your store a new lease of life? As the new season seeps in, there’s never been a better time to spruce up your retail space – and with our top tips, you can feel confident in creating your store’s fresh new look.

Make space for SS17 and say goodbye to slow-moving stock by browsing our collection of versatile and competitively priced dump bins online. Our space-saving retail displays are fully customisable, so you can ensure that it’s your store that profits from your seasonal sale.

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