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5 Departments That Should Be Making the Most of FSDUs

5 Departments That Should Be Making the Most of FSDUs

What’s the worst kept secret in the world of retail? It’s that effectively deployed retail merchandising techniques can dramatically drive sales revenue to success – and this doesn’t necessarily mean spending big. While extensive product ranges and informative sales assistants will increase the likelihood of securing a sale, investing in eye-catching visuals and well positioned retail display units means store-owners will see a significant rise in profits.

The high street is a competitive space for aspiring brands, and today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how the versatile FSDU can be used across a range of retail departments to appeal to the impulse buyer. Whether it’s a café or clothing store, our guide will explain all the need-to-knows for making the most of free standing display boards in a brick-and-mortar store – so you can give your sales a welcomed boost!

1. Beauty

Whether it’s male-grooming or the female beauty industry, the vast array of products in this market means that beauty products vary from those with higher costs to the much faster-moving lower value items. Electricals like hair dryers and epilators tend to be a costly one-off purchase, but that’s not say that retailers can’t encourage further spending while the customer is in-store.

Everyday items such as lip balms and emery boards come at a low cost, and the usefulness of these functional items means they’ll always be an attractive add-on for the consumer. Filling a free standing display unit with low-value items that complement the larger purchases will transform the point of sale into a haven of must-haves – meaning consumers will be keen to increase their average spend. From tweezers to eye pencil sharpeners, offering a wide selection of useful products is crucial for meeting the needs of each and every customer in this department.

2. Technology

With the industry continually developing, the technology market is stronger than ever – meaning competition can be tough between retailers on the high street. The latest technology will inevitably come with higher price tags, meaning it’s often down to effective retail merchandising and the in-store sales advisors to secure a sale. But after the consumer has made their decision to buy, the space around the point of sale provides ample opportunity for retailers to boost their in-store spend.

Lower-value products such as device cases and screen protectors are accessories that the customer is likely to need – and want – in order to protect their new product from day-to-day wear and tear. Positioning these add-on gadgets in an easy-to-access display means customers will be able to touch these tangible products as they head to the point of sale. The ability to touch and feel the product will give customers the confidence that the accessories will protect their new device, so utilise your cardboard FSDU to full effect by displaying the add-ons customers really want to see.

3. Food and drink


When it comes to free standing display units, retail isn’t the only industry that can benefit.  Whether it’s a restaurant, bar or café, upselling is arguably one of the most effective techniques that can be used to generate further sales. From offering the option to upgrade to a meal deal to prompting customers to add a sweet treat to their order, persuading consumers to increase their spend-per-visit is an easy tactic when it comes to boosting overall profits.

In the food and drink industry, the majority of consumers will make their buying decision with the sense of sight – and that means it’s crucial that managers make their products visible and appealing. With customers queueing at the counter, showing off irresistible individually wrapped items in a well positioned FSDU will catch the customers’ eye and encourage additional spending.

4. Entertainment

The digital age may have changed the face of the entertainment industry, but with specialist music and gaming stores popping up all over the country, there’s no doubt that the brick-and-mortar entertainment store is here to stay. From hosting meet-and-greets with upcoming music producers to showing off the latest video game technology, the entertainment store has become an immersive environment that customers are keen to get involved in.

After encouraging consumers through the doors with its attention-commanding window display, a successful entertainment store will employ effective retail merchandising strategies to prompt browsers to buy. Both lightweight and easy to move, cardboard display stands can be relocated around the store and positioned next to product demos, meaning customers will be more likely to want to take home a version of their own. Whether it’s displaying a bestselling video game or a chart topping album, a free standing display provides easy access to the store’s most popular products – so the latest stock is guaranteed to fly off the shelves in no time at all.

5. Clothing


High-value items will no doubt be the most significant contributor to overall profits in the fashion industry, but boosting in-store spending with low-value accessories will take your in-store revenue to new levels. While the majority of buying decisions may be made in the fitting rooms, the space surrounding the point of sale boasts endless opportunities for improving a consumer’s average spend-per-visit – and by displaying these small-ticket items in an eye-catching FDSU, even price-driven customers will be unable to resist adding them to their basket.

The focus of fashion stores is often the overall look – rather than the clothing itself – which is why there is so much choice when it comes to selecting fast-moving stock for the point of sale. From beauty products to jewellery, these smaller-ticket items offer consumers the chance to add last-minute accessories to their new outfit – while free standing display units full of premium branded confectionary will be an irresistible treat for any shoppers who are in desperate need of a pick me up.

Whether it’s at the end of an aisle or at the point of sale, an eye-catching FSDU design will always appeal to the impulse buyer – meaning retailers can boost profits by encouraging consumers to increase their in-store spend.

If you’re searching for FSDU suppliers who guarantee the highest quality at the most affordable prices, look no further than shop4pop.com. Browse our collection of free standing display units online, and order your customisable design with one of the most reliable FSDU manufacturers. UK-based customers will receive their first-class FSDUs within 5 working days, so you could be seeing your sales soar sooner than you think!

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