FSDU Design: 5 Fuss-Free Tips
5 Fuss-Free FSDU Design Tips

5 Fuss-Free FSDU Design Tips

Whether you’re a mass market retailer or a specialist in selling a particular product, there’s no doubt that convincing customers to increase their spend-per-visit can have a dramatic effect on your sales figures. Whether they’re a window shopper or intent on buying just one particular product, a well-designed store layout can be all the persuasion a consumer needs to keep on adding your products to their basket.

From designing dump bins to suit the product to carefully considering the best position for an FSDU, introducing high-quality retail display units into your store is a low-cost way to highlight promotions and new products – so you can quickly convert untouched stock into successful sale stories. That’s why in today’s post, we’re giving you all the design tips you could need to ensure that your free-standing displays will influence your customers’ buying decisions – meaning you can take full advantage of the potential profits to be made in your store.

1. Get personal: tailor the design to the product


Building a brand identity is all about incorporating an idea that is clear across a range products and platforms – and the same is true of advertising. Whether you’re promoting a special offer or using a retail display to highlight the USP of a new product on the market, building a theme that’s designed around the product will ensure that your display stands out as the customer makes their way around the store. Using the structure of your customisable FSDU to help determine its design is a sure-fire way to gain your customers’ interest, and the affordability of the cardboard display means your marketing material won’t dramatically cut into your profits.

2. Keep your message consistent

With endless marketing messages targeting shoppers on the high street, the consumer can often be left confused – which may result in them choosing to not make a purchase at all. Effective retail merchandising is crucial to ensure that a customer keeps spending – and that’s why it’s so important that retailers are getting their message right from the beginning. Consistency will always be key, which is why a store should always make sure that it’s echoing its existing marketing messages and brand values in every section of the store – including the retail display units. So when you’re customising dump bins and FSDUs, pay attention to highlighting any promotional offers or key features of the product – but don’t overpower the design by deviating too far from your store’s iconic branding.

3. Choose your colour scheme wisely

From designing the logo of your brand to considering the tone of your brick-and-mortar store, choosing an impactful colour scheme will be the start of building brand association. Colour psychology plays a crucial role in encouraging your consumers to spend their hard-earned cash, which means it’s worth pouring time into getting your choices right. Reflect your store’s overall image by opting for a unit that’s consistent with the branding – and then utilise the end of aisles and point of sale space to ensure that your units won’t go unnoticed.

4. Consider their position in the store layout

As any retailer will know, store layout can have an undeniable impact on a consumer’s buying behaviour. From appealing to the impulse-buyer to encouraging shoppers to increase their spend-per-visit, well-positioned product display units serve as the subtle prompt that the customer needs to add extras to their basket. The size and shape of an FSDU will, in part, be dependent on the product itself – but it’s equally vital that retailers consider where they’re intending on placing the unit on the shop floor. Typically, space is limited around the point of sale, so consider positioning large FSDUs at the edge of aisles, and dedicate the route to the POS for smaller, easy-to-access dump bins.

5. Think about the textual details

Retail display units are a prominent part of any physical store layout – but that’s not to say that the design shouldn’t be adapted to suit your particular demographic. When deciding whether to rely on visual imagery or to opt for a text-heavy message to market the product, it’s important that you consider your intended audience. A mass market retailer, for instance, will understand that price may be the persuading factor in the consumer’s buying decisions – so making the price point highly visible on the display unit could be incredibly lucrative. On the other hand, a high end retailer might prefer to focus on selling the identity of a brand to a customer – hence building a sense of brand loyalty for any potential purchases in the future.

An effective FSDU can be all a store needs to drive its sales and boost profits – and with our 5 fuss-free design tips, you can place confidence in your customised retail display units.

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