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Dump Bins to Shopping Baskets: Making the Exchange

Dump Bins to Shopping Baskets: Making the Exchange

Walking the customer journey gives retailers invaluable insight into the way consumers shop. We’re creatures of habit, and while that means we’re more likely to stick to the brands that we know and love, it also means that consumers just can’t resist picking up a bargain. It doesn’t take much to prompt a person to make a purchase – and that can make all the difference for retailers when it comes to boosting their profit margins.

Making the exchange from average sales to big spends at the checkout doesn’t require an overhaul of your current marketing strategy – just a few handy hints to improve what’s already working well. Encouraging a customer to increase their in-store spend could be easier than you think, and today, we’ll be talking all about how an effectively-placed dump bin can do just the trick.

The importance of the shopping basket


As a retailer, at some point you’re likely to also have been a customer – giving you insider knowledge into buying behaviour. When we enter a store, it’s almost instinct to pick up a basket, even when we’re only planning on buying one or two items – and this habit means consumers are far more likely to make an unintentional, spontaneous purchase. Customers will be more inclined to place additional items in their basket than they would be to laden their arms with heavy products – so make sure there are baskets scattered throughout your store. A tactically placed shopping basket can help the retailer, just as much as it does the consumer.

Standing out with dump bins

The competition is high for aisle space in store. The eye-level bracket is naturally the optimum spot on the shelf, but retailers are now having to think outside the box with eye-catching free-standing shelving units. Positioning high-quality cardboard dump bins in areas around the store that capture a high level of passing trade not only adds additional space to display products, but the contents of the dump bin will stand out, too.

The bargain buy


For a promotional pricing campaign to be effective, the discounted products and special offers have to stand out. Persuasive buy one get one free (BOGOF) deals or 3 for 2 offers encourage customers to buy items they might not have been intending to purchase – therefore increasing spend-per-visit with minimal effort on the retailer’s part. While promotional pricing is designed to attract customers and increase their overall spend, they need to be visible. Avoid store suicide by making every offer stand out from the crowd. Dump bins for shops can be designed to fit the brand or product, so promoting your product couldn’t be easier!

The last minute purchase

As well as creating a new dimension on the layout of the aisles, using dump bins to target impulse buyers is a great way to persuade a customer to increase their overall spend at the very last minute. Whether you’re advertising a new product on the market, reminding them of something they’re likely to have forgotten or just appealing to their basic human needs with food and drink, a dump bin by the till point can be incredibly lucrative. It’s all about product placement when appealing to impulsive shoppers – so do your research on how dump bins can create an impact.

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