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FSDUs at Festivals: The Pop-Up Shop

FSDUs at Festivals: The Pop-Up Shop

Whether it’s the world-famous Glastonbury or the smaller-scale Beatherder festival, there’s nowhere better than a Great British music festival. With an atmosphere that’s unparallelled, where else can you celebrate live music while standing knee deep in mud? As any experienced festival-goer will know, regular downpours means getting soaked to the skin is all part and parcel at a British festival – but with the popularity of festivals growing year on year, it’s clear that multi-day festivals are here to stay. So how can businesses get in on the act?

From sponsorship deals to advertising campaigns, festivals are the perfect place for a business to pitch up and access captive audiences over a number of days. Despite the initial investment, your time, money and effort will soon pay off as you network with thousands of potential clients at this unconventional exhibition. There’s no underestimating the power of a pop-up shop, and today, we’re taking a look at how taking your business on a tour of the UK festival scene can be hugely beneficial. From handing out samples to inviting impulse buyers to make a purchase, our guide is covering everything you need to know about this trendy marketing technique.

Build brand awareness with banners and signs

Hanging signage is a fantastic way to start building brand awareness and imprint your brand identity in the minds of potential customers. At a festival, it’s important to maintain an authentic festival style – so take some time to incorporate the ‘free-lovin 60s’ vibe with your branding.

Integrate your logo into the design of your stall, but be careful to keep obvious branding to a minimum. In an environment which is getting more and more commercialised, millennials at festivals are leaning towards the more independent and unique boutiques – so spend some time finding your niche.

Give away flyers and freebies


Giving out flyers and free samples is one of the best ways to get your name out there and build on that all-important brand awareness. Once consumers are familiar with your brand identity, they’ll begin to associate a sense of loyalty with your label, so spread the word with obligation-free samples and leaflets.

While your team may choose to head out into the arena to hand out some freebies, investing in high quality FSDUs and cardboard dump bins makes it easy – and therefore more appealing – to pick up a sample at the stall. A high-quality branded dump bin and leaflet display will add a new level of professionalism to your pop-up, so maintaining that brand identity won’t be so hard after all.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it (and sell it)

Whether you’re selling a service or product, a festival is as good a time as any to make some sales. While your team may dedicate most of their time to building brand awareness, invest in cardboard display stands to show off your stock. That way, shoppers still have the option to make a purchase. The relatively low-cost of the stall set-up means this is the perfect place to trial new products and concepts – remember that you’re in an environment where almost anything goes, so liberal festival-goers are likely to get onboard with that amazing new idea.

Stand out from the competition by becoming an attraction


With so much going on at a festival, persuading customers to head off the beaten track to visit you can be something of a challenge. With live music and DJ sets, as well as daytime activities and other pop-ups to compete with, standing out from the crowd has never been so important. To maximise the success of your weekend set-up, transform your stall into an attraction of its own that entices passers-by to take a look. From hiring a DJ and professional dancers to decorating your exhibition space with eye-catching accessories, thinking outside the box is sure to create a buzz about your business.

We love The Mae Deli’s collaboration with The Yoga Brunch Club at Wilderness Festival. The team from The Mae Deli, a creation from wellness blogger Deliciously Ella, set up a stall selling some of its best-selling healthy recipes – and encouraged customers to visit for brunch after a morning of yoga in the neighbouring teepee. As well as creating a frenzy on social media, this partnership brought something truly unique to the festival itinerary.

So there you have it, it couldn’t be easier to set up a successful pop-up at a festival. As if you needed any more reason to tour the modern-day British music scene, captivating your demographic at a multi-day event can be invaluable for business. Start preparing for your festival debut with high-quality customised promotional materials and printed literature from shop4pop.com.

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