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Event Printing to make you stand out

Event Printing to make you stand out

Attending an exhibition or an event for the first time can be daunting, especially if you are new to the business. Networking is important, especially if you have a service that can benefit another business, you need to explain to the audience and those passing by why your services would be of benefit to their company.


Thomas Saint-Noir, Marketing Executive for Simpson Group and Shop4Pop has his 6 top tips for an impactful event stand. No matter what industry you are targeting, utilising these top tips will allow you to flourish in the event world.


  1. Build a strategic layout of the event and your stand

This being one of the most important points, as it will determine how much exposure you will get at the event. Not only does the presentation of your event stand matter, but also the location. It is no use being crammed into a corner where no one will see you, make sure that you get in early and get the prime spot. If they are free that is great. However, if they come with a cost, you will have to analyse whether or not you will get a return on investment from the event.


Make sure that your imagery and layout of your event stands speaks for itself. Banners that you can hang up are a great way of introducing your brand straight away, they are eye catching and effective if designed correctly at stopping people in their tracks. Make sure that you incorporate the key points of your business and services, and don’t be scared of going bold.  A theme that is continuous and exciting is a stand that establishes your brand, making audience members remember your stand even when they have gone home.


  1. Use social media to your advantage

Before you have got your event printing, your stands and exhibition materials. Make sure that you make your social media followers aware that you will be attending the event. Don’t give everything away, make them guess – but always tell them why they should come and check out your stand. Give them a taster of the event stand and product that you will be showcasing. If you have a free standing display unit that displays your products, make sure to get photographs of the products on the unit and ask people to come and check it out in its full glory.


Research is key, and knowing what networks your audience belong to is important. Start connecting with key influencers and tag them in your post, explaining how excited you are to see them at the event. This will create a recognisable face or brand, if an influencer is there and they have been made aware of your brand before the event they are more likely to check your event stand out.


Once the event has commenced and everything is in full swing, make sure that you document everything – get action shots and photographs of the audience interacting with your free standing display units. Sometimes a photograph is an excellent testimonial of how brilliant your product is.


  1. Make sure your brand is cohesive across all printed exhibition materials.

Having a brand that says something different to your printed materials and products is a massive faux pas when attending events. When a member of the audience interacts with your display stands you need them to live and breathe your brand image.


Make sure that all printed event material is the same logo, same font and same imagery. You’ll thank your design team when your brand becomes instantly recognisable for the colours and font face that you use.


When using a printing service to create your printed materials make sure that your images are set at 300 dpi, CMYK and have a 3-10mm bleed. To read our printing guidelines click here.


  1. Offer incentives and let your audience trial your brand out.

This is especially important if you are a new brand setting out. Make sure you take plenty of samples to give to those passing by. This will create an interest in your product and once an audience member has stopped and is testing your product, this is your time to shine and to inform and educate them on your new product.


A great way to display your products is to have a counter top unit that displays a selection of your products on the top of your event stand. It displays your products in a neat and presentable way that you can easily fold back up and transport it to your next venue.


  1. Make sure you take an expert with you

Having on hand experts at the disposal of your audience members is key! Some members of the audience will ask you the most challenging of questions, therefore it is always important to have concise and correct answers at hand that give the audience member an insight of your brand and what you have to offer.


  1. Get to know your audience and learn from them

The great wall of china wasn’t built over night, unless it’s a scaled down 3D printed version. Don’t expect to master events straight away, start testing and trialling which type of events best suits your company and brand.


Make sure that you take enough printed material that explains who you are and the services that you produce, having a service that is perfect for the selected audience but isn’t explained correctly in your printed material can hinder your chances of creating successful conversions.



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