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At shop4pop.com we are committed to the protection of the environment through ecologically sustainable business practice. As a print provider with ISO 14001 accreditation, we have taken strict measures to ensure our materials come from sustainable sources. We are also members of the BPIF Climate Change Levy, and have a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions.

Some of our key sustainability initiatives include:

Clever Specs

All shop4pop.com products have been designed to utilise full sheets and optimise reel widths so minimising waste. In addition, our range of printing presses and processes have been carefully selected and tested to accommodate short run, customised products ensuring minimal overruns and zero set up waste.

Clever Systems

We develop proprietary software systems that allow our customers to reduce the amount of waste print they order. By using store profiling and understanding the physical limitations of their estates they are able to grade their stores and order POP volumes to suit accordingly.

FSC® & PEFC Certified Materials

All paper products purchased from shop4pop.com (a trading name for Simpson Group) are printed on materials that are FSC® or PEFC certified which is a guarantee that they originate from sustainably managed forests. Materials used for window clings and shelf wobblers are all 100% recyclable.


All corrugated board shop4pop.com products are recyclable, as easily as household paper waste. In addition, we recycle any materials we no longer need – including paper, cans, plastic bottles, coffee cups, toner cartridges, batteries, empty containers. None of the waste we produce is sent to landfill sites. It is either recycled or sent for incineration as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

UV Inks

UV inks don’t emit harmful fumes, and due to their low viscosity and the absence of penetration into the media, less ink is usually required. The curing process of UV inks requires less than a second of exposure to the UV/LED light source, which reduces energy consumption.

Other environmental accreditations and initiatives will be posted here as and when they are introduced.

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