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Dump Bins: Marketing Your Mid-Season Sale

Dump Bins: Marketing Your Mid-Season Sale

The nation may have only jumped on board the tradition of Black Friday in the last few years, but the unprecedented popularity of this annual retail sale has no doubt changed the way that we shop. From end of season sales to one-day-only discounts, consumers are beginning to expect promotional pricing – and the mid-season sale is certainly one that’s most sought after by shoppers.

As the nights begin to draw in, the nation is hanging up their summer wardrobe and heading to the high street for inspiration on this season’s fashion. AW16 may have only been on the shelves for the a few weeks but lowering price points in order to increase footfall is crucial at this time of year. In today’s post, we’re giving you the ins and outs on everything from promotional prices to ensuring your store layout remains pristine – so you can maximise profits with a mid-season sale.

Deliver on discounts

As enthusiastic shoppers, we’re immediately drawn to the word ‘SALE’, so appeal to passing trade by designing an enticing window display. A hanging sign advertising ‘50% off selected products’ will be all window shoppers need to encourage them to head straight into the store, which is fantastic news for any retailer looking to increase footfall. Shoppers can’t resist the feeling of getting a really good deal, so make your promotional products prominent throughout your store layout. Continue to build a good relationship with the consumer by highlighting special offers, but don’t forget to enhance the overall in-store spend by promoting those full-priced products too!

Design your dump bin


A frenzy of bargain buyers can lead a store to resemble a state of chaos, which can be less than appealing for some shoppers. A well organised store is vital during these busy periods, which means space-saving solutions such as dump bins are a must. Maximise on your marketing by customising these versatile retail display units, and encourage additional in-store spending at the till point with a strategically placed dump bin.

Sell off dead stock

Whether you’re left with hard to shift summer stock or festive themed products from the January sales, freeing up shelf space is crucial for any retailer. Getting rid of dead stock needn’t be a chore either, just shift those last few products with an eye-catching bargain bin. Encourage thrifty customers to delve into a dump bin that’s full of discounted products and your dead stock will soon be a thing of the past. These free-standing retail displays are easy to customise, so draw attention to the double discounts in this section of the store.

Are you ready to transform your slow-moving stock into profits? Entice customers into your store with eye-catching window displays and let the discounts do the rest.

It’s a well designed layout that leads a store to success, so invest in high quality cardboard dump bins with shop4pop.com. Our customisable dump bins for shops add a new level of professionalism and are the perfect space-saving solution, so order yours online today!

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