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Dump Bins for Retail: Knowing Your Audience

Dump Bins for Retail: Knowing Your Audience

As any retailer will know, building close business relationships with consumers is crucial for maximising profits, but that’s not to say that it’s just your in-store sales team who should be getting to know your customers. Knowing your audience and their in-store habits will increase your ability to predict sales success, but it’s orientating your retail merchandising to suit shoppers which will mean significantly more in-store spending.

While the type of retail displays and in-store merchandising tactics you use will no doubt depend on the needs of your target demographic, cardboard dump bins are a space-saving solution which will feature in every physical store that’s seeking sales success. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at how you can make sure that your dump bin complements your clientele, as we bring you the who, what, where and whys of dump bins for retail.

Who: know your customer

The retail merchandising strategies in a store that specialises in high end men’s fashion is likely to vary from a grocery store, and that means that it’s crucial that retailers consider exactly who their customer(s) will be. Supermarkets, for instance, will focus predominantly on appealing to the everyday needs of shoppers, but withmany families bringing their young children with them for the weekly shop, it’s brightly coloured dump bin displays which will appeal to the post-millennials who hold the power to persuade their parents to keep on spending.

What: highlight the brand or product

With so many different products and brands to choose from, consumers will be continually looking for subtle prompts over which items to pick up as they make their way around the store. Knowing what your audience need and want means that you can use dump bins to draw attention to the USPs they’ve been looking for – making your customers more likely to add the product to their basket.

Highlighting the key selling points on the dump bin means shoppers will be unable to miss out on noticing the product’s appeal, and incorporating the brand colours into the design means that you can encourage loyal customers to keep buying the brands that they know and love.

Where: think about positioning


From the end of aisles to the point of sale, there are countless opportunities for positioning a cardboard dump bin inside a store – but different demographics are likely to take more notice of these impactful displays at different stages of their in-store experience. Impulsive shoppers, for instance, will be unable to resist adding low value items to their basket at the last minute –  which is why positioning large hexagonal dump bins at the point of sale is recommended.

Children will be distracted by a well-designed dump bin as they queue for the POS, and they’re likely to subsequently encourage their parents to purchase the product for them – which is why so many POS displays are dedicated to shifting low value items like confectionary and seasonal-themed stock. On the other hand, stocking a dump bin full of products that complement an in-store display of higher value items could remind consumers of additional items they need – meaning your customers will increase their average spend-per-visit and boost your store’s overall sales.

Why: appeal to buying habits

While promotional price points can often lead to sales success, generating profit by offering hefty discounts will rely on an increased amount of stock being sold. Knowing your customer means that retailers can concentrate on giving consumers what they really want, so tap into their buying habits and adapt your promotional dump bins to suit their buying needs. From large bargain bins filled with last season’s stock to a prominent POS display advertising the latest products to hit the shelves, orientating the reason for your display around the customer is likely to generate more interest as consumers make their way around the store.

From the size and shape to the position of the display, there are countless things to consider when it comes to designing your dump bins – but considering your customer each step of the way will ensure that you can maximise the success of your efforts.

Ready to make an impact with your retail merchandising with an eye-catching dump bin? For shops seeking sales success, these high quality dump bin displays are a must-have – so get started today by customising the design online with shop4pop.com.

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