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Pop-Ups and Sample Products: Does Try Before You Buy Really Work?

Pop-Ups and Sample Products: Does Try Before You Buy Really Work?

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but, with more brands moving towards giving away free product samples, you can get near enough! It’s no surprise that the customers are loving it. With the revolution of pop-up shops, sample products are becoming a major part of retail marketing – but do they really work?

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how offering free samples can encourage customers to add the product to their basket. To avoid giving away freebies without getting any sales back, we’ll talk you through how to use marketing materials like free standing display units (FSDUs) as pop-up sample spaces – so that you can maximise those profit margins.

‘Free’ freebies

There’s nothing better than the feeling that you’re getting something for nothing, which is why customers lap up grabbing a free sample in-store. The small price you’ll pay for producing these sample products is nothing compared to the vast potential profit to be made. Consumers will not only learn more about the brand and product, but they’ll often reciprocate their behaviour too. In exchange for a free sample, customers are far more likely to pick up the full-size product to ‘try it out’. Free samples create a positive image of the retailer and brand, so you’ll also benefit from building on the customer’s store and brand loyalty.

Show off with retail display stands


In the world of retail, products that stand out are the one’s that will fly off the shelves. The same applies for samples too. If it’s not eye-catching or easy to find on the customer’s journey, the whole merchandising strategy will flop. Use free standing display boards to promote the product, and get the consumer interested enough to pick up a sample. Build on the brand identity by customising an FSDU with an eye-catching design. FSDUs are a great way to add extra shelf-space to your store, and can even be positioned by the front doors to entice passing traffic.

The revolution of the pop-up shop

Flash retailing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for modern retail merchandising. Stores have been capitalising on impulse buys for years, but the urgency created by pop-up shops adds a new dimension to the customer-brand relationship. As well as being a trendy way for existing brands to advertise themselves, a pop-up is a relatively cheap way to start building brand awareness. While pop-ups offer a great opportunity to show off products that are for sale, free samples also help to ensure your shop is remembered long after it’s gone. Competitively priced FSDUs are easy to assemble and display your products with style. There are a few things to consider when setting up your own pop-up, so follow our expert advice to make sure yours is a success – and maximise those profits by checking out our top tips on making your FSDUs stand out in the retail sector.

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