Digital Advertising VS. More Traditional Formats |
Digital Advertising VS. More Traditional Formats

Digital Advertising VS. More Traditional Formats

With e-commerce and digital advertising growing at an exponential rate, the value of bricks and motar  is often over looked. According to Deloitte 95% off all retail purchases worldwide are still made in store – the high street and retail outlets are not a dying breed as we’re sometimes led to believe. In-store purchases are actually projected to grow by over £190 million by 2018.

The average online basket is broadly made up of smaller purchases. However, when it comes to high priced and luxury items, the high-street remains the destination of choice for making a purchase. When purchasing high ticket items, shoppers will always be motivated by the overall shopping experience, the ability to touch and feel the item as well as the experience of face-to-face customer service, making the in-store experience more rewarding and memorable.

Retailers are re-thinking their in-store strategy, realising that physical stores, are again one of their biggest assets. Take Google for example, the previous online-only retailer opened its first physical retail location in March, the site is a “shop in a shop” located within Currys PC World at Tottenham Court Road, London. Similarly Amazon also opened its first physical location earlier this year on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The e-tailer calls it a “customer order pick-up and drop-off location” which will allow students of the university to collect order of textbooks as well as other goods, and make returns.

Online retailers are certainly recognising the value of more traditional forms of both shopping and marketing. In the online-only world it may sometimes be easy to forget about print, both as a content distribution channel and advertising platform. However, ironically, more print publications are being launched from traditional digital-only companies. Last year travel site Airbnb launched a quarterly glossy magazine, as did the largest tech website in the world, CNET, with other online retailers soon following suit like Net-a-porter. Online only businesses are realising that the future is multi-platform. Audiences are inundated with digital advertising day in and day out, the tangibility of print can often be refreshing, whilst it’s format can be much more respected. Similarly, the social experience and face-to-face interaction from shopping in-store can often make a welcome change to starring a tablet or computer screen.

So, when you’re looking to invest in digital advertising or developing your online website, ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It can be hugely beneficial to set aside some of your budget to make improvements offline.


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