Buying Behaviour: How Design Influences the Customer Journey
Buying Behaviour: How Design Influences the Customer Journey

Buying Behaviour: How Design Influences the Customer Journey

The buying behaviour of the consumer is as much about how a customer thinks and feels as it is about the items that they buy. The customer journey starts way before the customer enters into your store or logs on to the internet, but in retail, it’s the design and layout of the store or website which can have a fundamental impact on a customer’s buying behaviour. Customer journey mapping, POS displays and promotional materials are all ways of making sure that your business is as successful as possible.

Buying Behaviour

Before even entering the store, the consumer will have recognised a need to shop – whether this is for a specific product or a social desire. The challenge is making sure that the customer adds products to their basket and checks out, rather than heading to another store and making their purchases there. While a customer will have brand perceptions from their previous buying experiences – and will be influenced from word-of-mouth publicity – providing good product information and advertising throughout the store can help to guide the consumer towards purchasing your product. And in today’s post, we’re going to tell you how.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

Encouraging customers to enter your store is one of the most important tasks in retail. While some consumers will be loyal to a certain brand or product, for some prospective customers, your advertising can make all the difference to whether they’re window-shopping or ready to purchase. Attractive window displays and informative exterior signage can guide relevant customers in your direction, but in-store advertising is equally important. Versatile FSDUs and display cubes help to catch the customer’s eye and introduce them to even more products – while printed flyers can complement display items and are an effective way of promoting items, both in-store and out.

Get creative with colour

An attractively laid out store can entice the customer and make them want to spend time looking at the products available. The buying behaviour of the consumer correlates with the psychology of colour – colour evokes emotional reactions in the customer, as well as triggering brand recognition. Whilst colour creativity is a must, it’s just as important to make sure that you choose the right colours to convey your store or brand identity.

Exploit space-saving solutions

Mix up the store layout by utilising FSDUs and cardboard dump bins throughout your shop to promote fast-selling or highly desirable products. As well as saving valuable space on your shelves, these customisable free-standers can double up as part of your advertising strategy. Whether you’re using the units for discounted and promotional items or placing them by the till-point as part of your POS marketing, these products are a great way to engage and maximise customer interest.

Communicate with your customer

Before your customer decides to make a purchase, they’ll be looking for as much information as possible. Good customer service from a sales assistant helps the customer feel well informed and confident that what they’re buying is right for them. Anticipating shorter customer queries about the product and communicating them through printed displays can save both the consumer and staff time. The price – as well as any promotions available – is a big contributing factor for choosing one product over another. Make the most of hanging signs and shelf wobblers as a quick and easy way to inform your customer about these important details.

Ready to give your in-store sales a boost? Change-up the purchasing patterns that you’re used to and design your store with the customer journey in mind. Our wide range of fully customisable and digitally printed products are guaranteed to make a visual impact and boost spend-per-visit.

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