Custom Shelf Wobblers: Simplifying Sales |
Custom Shelf Wobblers: Simplifying Sales

Custom Shelf Wobblers: Simplifying Sales

From mid-season sales to discounted deadstock, an in-store sale can encourage more shoppers to step off the high street and into your store – as well as boosting the average consumer’s  in-store spend. With stores generating more sales revenue, and bargain-hunters feeling like they’re walking away with a great deal, it’s no surprise that price promotions have become a high street staple – and this merchandising technique is going nowhere.

Lowering price points may alter profit margins in the short term, but by increasing the likelihood of sales, a limited-time-only promotion can be one of the most effective retail tactics – and to ensure store success, it’s fundamental that retailers maximise the publicity of the campaign. That’s why today, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide for simplifying sales – so you can reap the full benefits of your efforts. From clearly conveying information on the shelf edge to choosing which promotion is best, we’ll be bringing you all the need-to-knows for your next in-store sale.

Shelf talkers: showing off your sale

Space is often limited in retail stores, which is why making the most of your aisles is so important. Stocking shelving units with tempting products means that customers will be able to see the entirety of your range, but how do you encourage shoppers to pick up your promotionally-priced items? The answer? Shelf wobblers. Cost-effective and easy to attach, these eye-catching shelf labels hang off the edge of a shelf to draw attention to a particular product range – so your customers won’t be able to miss noticing the great deals on your discounted stock.

An attention-commanding window display that advertises your sale will entice passers-by into your store, so continue to build a good store-consumer relationship by delivering on the promotions that you’ve promised. Overcomplicating a sale can be offputting for shoppers, and a misleading discount can mean that customers end up abandoning the products at the point of sale – which is why it’s so important to be transparent with your lowered price points. Clear and concise shelf talkers will attract the customer’s attention – and by explicitly communicating the savings that they could make, shoppers will be unable to resist adding these bargain buys to their basket.

The psychology of promotions

It’s the urgency that comes with a short-term store sale that makes these merchandising techniques so effective – and that means that retailers should ensure that their promotion lasts for only a matter of weeks as a maximum. The type of store will also affect which kind of sale will be appropriate too, so it’s important that you consider what will work for your store’s demographic. Lowering a price point so that it ends in a 9, for instance, will add appeal – and while these price strikes will work well with less expensive product lines, this pricing style could mean that more expensive stores could risk losing the element of luxury that comes with their brand.

Whether it’s to promote the sale of a particular brand over competitors or to encourage consumers to increase their average in-store spend, the type of promotion will no doubt depend on the purpose of your campaign. A BOGOF or 241 promotion, for instance, highlights that a brand – and your store – can give consumers the best possible value for their money. Whereas reducing price points by 20% will encourage customers to keep spending due to the anticipation of missing out.

Designing your shelf edge

Clearly displaying your discounts is crucial for making the most out of your campaign, and while window displays and hanging signs will entice consumers to take a look, it’s persuasive shelf labels which will be the final prompt for customers to make a purchase. A shelf talker is both low in cost and easy to use, and with a fully customisable design to suit your brand, these effective communicators mean it couldn’t be easier to market your sale in-store.

Whether you upload your own artwork or work with our graphic designers to produce a shelf wobbler that reflects your branding, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality retail display materials at the most competitive prices. Just select the shape of your shelf talker online with, and we’ll deliver your hard-wearing shelf wobblers directly to your door.

Ready to see your in-store sales soar during your next promotional price campaign? Find your fit by browsing our range of affordable shelf wobblers, and customise your own impactful design online today!

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