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Counter Top Units: What Can They Do for Your Store?

Counter Top Units: What Can They Do for Your Store?

Whether they’re used as leaflet stands to display print advertising or placed at the point of sale to draw attention to a particular product line, there’s no denying the power of a counter top unit within a retail store. Positioned directly in front of the customer’s eyeline, these customisable counter display units can clearly convey your store’s key marketing messages, appealing to impulsive shoppers who are likely to add additional products to their basket at the last minute.

While a leaflet stand will keep your point of sale organised to ensure a seamless transaction experience, a counter top unit can present your smaller products in an effort to encourage add-on purchases. Enticing consumers to increase their average spend-per-visit with last minute purchases can transform your sales revenue – which is why today, we’re taking a closer look at these cost-effective counter top product displays.

Clothing stores

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In clothing stores, it’s likely that the majority of sales revenue will come from the garments themselves, but that’s not to say that retailers should feel limited with their product lines. Whether your store specialises in high-end apparel or high street fashion, encouraging consumers to increase their in-store spend will be easier at the point of sale than in any other part of the store.

Lower value accessory items, such as jewellery and phone cases, are products which are likely to complement your in-store outfits and meet the needs of the customer – meaning they’ll be more likely to pop these smaller add-ons onto their order. Similarly, offering a range of premium brand confectionary at the point of sale means that you can appeal to any shoppers in need of a pick-me-up, while boosting the average consumer spend.

Hardware and gardening stores

From hardware stores to garden centres, offering consumers items that they’re likely to be looking for at the point of sale is one of the easiest ways to boost sales margins and encourage repeat custom. Low value items such as seeds and wire will be welcome additions in this type of store, and placing relevant products at the point of sale will remind consumers that they’re likely to be useful when gardening or carrying out DIY projects.

Entertainment stores


Posters and magazines are low-cost items that customers in this type of store are likely to want, making an eye-catching literature stand a must-have for retailers in the entertainment industry. Similarly, stocking items such as guitar plectrums alongside themed merchandise which fits in with a popular band’s branding means that you can encourage shoppers to keep on spending money on items that interest them.

Grocery stores and supermarkets

From convenience stores to large-scale supermarkets, positioning a range of confectionary at the point of sale will entice both hungry shoppers and impulse buyers alike – encouraging them to add low-value items to their basket before they check out. From seasonal-themed chocolate to nutritious snack bars, placing a variety of products in this section of the store means that consumers will be unable to resist picking up these low-cost items as they queue for the checkout. Similarly, a small counter top unit displaying discounted stock at the till point will mean that any bargain hunters who are already making a purchase will be unable to miss your special offer – so you can make the most of your promotional prices.

From advertising upcoming sales and in-store events in a leaflet holder to encouraging add-on sales while consumers are making a transaction, counter top units are a cost-effective display solution which allow retailers to take full advantage of their counter space at the point of sale.

Ready to lead your store to sales success? Browse our range of fully customisable counter display units today, and once you’re happy with the size and format, simply upload your own artwork online. Alternatively, why not let our graphic designers work with you to produce an eye-catching design which suits you? Contact us today on 0191 419 8655.

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