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Anandas Gourmet: Event Display Unit


Ananda from Ananda’s Gourmet contacted Shop4Pop to help her find a solution to merchandise and market her new and updated spice kits at a drink and food expo at the NEC Birmingham. Ananda required the unit to display the products in a way that customers and stockists could easily see how the unit would successfully display the product and maximise sales in-store.

Alongside the event display unit, Ananda required some form of packing for stockists to display her products on a shelf in an easy and convenient way.


Anandas Gourmet event display unit

Ananda visited The Shop4Pop office along with her products to visualise how they would be displayed on our range of free standing display units.

Ananda required a display unit that would be compact enough to fit into a store and on her display table at the expo without causing disturbance to her display.

Initially Ananda chose our 12-pronged unit to display her products as they could freely hang, and customers could unhang her spice kits from the prongs. However, after testing our standard prongs would not fit the hole in Ananda’s packaging and using a different type of prong would alter the overall cost of the unit. We recommended trying our 12 cell unit after another client of ours had success displaying beauty sheet masks in the dockets. We also discussed with Ananda about a display box that used a lip to fold over the products and folded back to create a small, but effective header.

Once chosen, our team faced another challenge of helping Ananda design the unit. Our talented design team focused on using a theme of authenticity and a unit that would make you feel as if you were transported to different regions of India. The Indian flag was incorporated into the unit to illustrate the authenticity of Ananda’s spice kits. Complimentary colours such as oranges and greens were worked into the unit to allow the scheme to flow together and be appealing to the eye.


The units were hand delivered to Ananda’s head office to ensure delivery on the weekend ready for the units to be transported down to the NEC Birmingham to be displayed at the Food and Drink expo 2018. The units and boxes were made out of EB and E flute to ensure that a lightweight and sturdy display was achieved.

After the event had finished we received great feedback from Ananda. It is clear that she had the best of time networking with contacts and stockists.

If you would like to find out how Shop4Pop can help you network and create an uplift in sales contact or give is a call on 0191 419 8655

Anandas Gourmet Shelf Read boxes Anandas Gourmet event display unit Anandas Gourmet event display unit Anandas Gourmet event display unit

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