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Iconic Design: How To Make Your Business Recognisable

Iconic Design: How To Make Your Business Recognisable

With the development of advanced technology and the population making the move online, it’s more important than ever that businesses are ready to revolutionise their approach to getting recognised. Developing an iconic brand that’s recognisable internationally is vital for any successful business, and with brand leaders showing just how effective a successful marketing campaign can be, it’s time that the businesses striving for success stood out.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how to incorporate an iconic design into everything from print to visual advertisements. So whether you’re a smaller-scale boutique or a corporate company that’s bound for international success, our top tips will give you all the ins and outs of how to make your business recognisable.

1. Make your logo transferrable


Whether you’re starting out on a small-scale or shooting for global success, designing a logo that’s transferable will be invaluable in the long term. Should your business grow in popularity in another country, a text-heavy design on banners and signs can cause difficulties, as it’s more difficult to translate into other languages. Rather than developing a complex emblem, focus on building brand awareness by ensuring your trademark is prominent on everything from hanging signs and retail display stands to visual advertisements.

2. Be clever with your tagline

Typically, a short and simple slogan will create a greater impact than a longer version, as the tagline is easier for the customer to remember. Witty and humorous slogans are a great way to attract attention and engage with your target audience – but if this is unsuitable for your business, think of what will work for your audience.

Consider your online campaigns when designing your catchphrase, as a motto that’s undergone search-engine optimisation means you’ll result higher online and therefore build a greater brand awareness.

3. Design your brand’s voice

Maintaining a strong brand identity throughout your campaigns is vital in order to build a trusting relationship with the consumer. From the company tagline to the tone of your social media posts, ensure that there is a seamless consistency with the use of your brand voice.

By asking all of your team to cohere to your uniform brand voice, not only will you add a whole new level of professionalism, but you’ll also be able to use words to portray your values. While you may opt for a graphic designer to help design the logo, ask a copywriter to create a voice for your business and teach your team how to speak your company’s language.

4. Adopt everyday items as your own


Provided they’re not already patented, there’s no reason why a business can’t adopt a general everyday item as their own. Starbucks’ red cup, Coca Cola’s Father Christmas, Google’s search engine; the list goes on. Whether we’re replacing the name of the everyday item with the brand’s, or just associating the concept with the values of the brand’s, customers are more than willing to get on board with this marketing technique. From printing iconic quad posters to creating custom window decals, print your own design on existing generic products and watch your brand awareness grow.

Ready to build on your brand awareness and become an instantly recognisable success story? First, develop the graphic design of your logo and consider the voice of the overall brand identity. Then it’s time to get your carefully chosen trademarks out there. From a fully customisable hanging sign to a high-quality leaflet display,’s stunning range of POS display materials means that there’s sure to be something to suit your needs.

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