Brand Identity: How to Make Your Business’ Voice Heard |
Brand Identity: How to Make Your Business’ Voice Heard

Brand Identity: How to Make Your Business’ Voice Heard

Whether you’re a retailer looking for ways to maximise branding throughout your store or a business searching for advice on exhibiting at events, today’s post is packed with tips for brand building.

Why branding matters

Branding is all about association. From your business logo and tagline right through to your team and company ethos, the way your business operates is key to building loyal and return custom. Establishing and nurturing your brand identity involves a number of things:

● Social media: are you making the most of social media and maintaining an active online presence?
● Audience: do you understand your target audience and what they want from your business?
● Cohesion: is your branding consistent across all platforms?

Get socially savvy

From tweeting out event details to advertising in-store promotions, harnessing the potential of your social media channels is a great way to reach a mass audience quickly. Drumming up interest in your business away from your store or event keeps your brand fresh in consumers’ minds – meaning they’re more likely to remember your business in the future.

Once at an event, your Twitter and Facebook accounts can be used to keep attendees in the loop. And with businesses now even using Snapchat to create ‘stories’ of events and exhibitions, their audience can get a flavour of the day, even if they’re unable to attend.

Cater for your audience


Whether you’re nurturing the path of customers in your store or trying to encourage foot traffic to your stand at an exhibition, how well do you really know your audience? If you aren’t clued up on the wants and needs of your target audience, you’re unlikely to be able to build a loyal customer base.

Bespoke FSDUs can provide businesses with a final opportunity to increase spend-per-visit – but if they’re not stocked with products your customers want to see, they’ll be ineffective. Fill your FSDUs with highly moveable stock that can be regularly replenished. Whether it’s your FSDUs, sale posters or dump bins, cohesive branding across your promotional materials will help to build your brand’s identity and make your logo and font instantly recognisable – wherever it appears.

For businesses showcasing at an event or exhibition, standing out from the sea of other exhibitors can be challenging. You’ve put in the groundwork on your social media channels, so you know there are interested attendees – but how do you get them to visit your stand? First of all, they need to recognise your business – and this comes from familiarity through promoting your brand ahead of an event. Once your brand is recognisable, you can use impactful promotional materials to gain interest from other attendees and encourage more visitors to your stand.

Cohesive branding


While social media is great for spreading the word about events, offers and promotions, a consumer needs to be able to recognise your business when they enter your store or attend an event. This is where cohesive branding comes in. From your Twitter account and business cards to your point of sale displays and banner stands, consistency when it comes to logos, colours and taglines will help to build your business’ identity. At events and expos, ensure your stand’s branding matches your social media image. This way, any interested attendees will recognise your stand and are more likely to visit. Portable displays are a great option for businesses wanting to take their brand on the move – ensuring maximum brand visibility at all times.

If you’re ready to start building your brand’s identity, check out our range of fully customisable products today. From bespoke POS display stands and dump bins to eye-catching event posters and totems, can help with your branding – whatever your industry

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