Bollards and Totem Displays: Buyer’s Guide |
Bollards and Totem Displays: Buyer’s Guide

Bollards and Totem Displays: Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re based on a busy high street or a little off the beaten track, standing out from the crowd is crucial for any retailer. The customer’s journey starts before they even set foot in your store, meaning eye-catching window displays and external merchandising displays are one of the most important aspects when it comes to increasing in-store spend.

In today’s post, our buyer’s guide is giving you the lowdown on bollard sleeves and totem displays, so you can boost the footfall in your store. From attracting attention with eye-catching outdoor signs to promoting in-store spending with versatile retail display signs, our advice will put you one step closer to seeing in-store sales soar.

What are bollard signs and totems?

Bollard covers

Designed for external use, bollard sleeves are a fantastic way to draw in passing trade. Standing at approximately 1 metre high and with the ability to fit around a bollard or post that’s under 17 cm in diameter, bollard covers are the perfect choice for commanding attention outside of your store. While temporary solutions such as A-Boards have their benefits, bollard sleeves optimise external POS displays by using already-existing permanent posts.

Whether you’re promoting a special offer or just looking to boost your in-store footfall, branded bollard signs are the perfect choice. Printed in high quality UV inks, our bollard covers are made from durable, waterproof Correx – so your brand new external display is built to last and will easily  withstand wear and tear.

Totem displays

Designed for use in-store, totems are lightweight and versatile free standing displays that demand consumer attention and perfectly communicate your marketing messages. For stores where wall-space is limited, totems are an ideal alternative to eye-catching quad posters. At 1.5 metres tall, totem display stands perfectly promote new products, as well as drawing attention to current special offers.

Made from corrugated cardboard, totem stands are sturdy yet light enough to move around the store. Each totem display stand is branded using UV inks, meaning you’ll be conveying key promotions with the highest-quality materials. While these displays are durable enough to be used in the long term, they’re made with just a single material, making them easy to recycle after use. So whether you’re promoting a one-off sale, highlighting a new product on your shelves or building a strong brand identity, a totem stand is an ideal choice.

Why should I choose a bollard cover or display totem?


When designing your store layout, it’s vital that you consider a consumer’s buying behaviour. With bold window displays scattered along the high street, retailers are having to look for alternative ways to grab the attention of customers – and eye-catching bollards can direct consumers straight to your store. Persuade passers-by to enter your store with the clear marketing message on your eye-catching bollard display, and then it’s just a matter of converting window shoppers into paying customers.

By positioning retail totem displays in the entrance of a store, you can alert your customers to any key merchandising messages or special offers – meaning they won’t be able to resist an in-store spend. This high-quality retail service is a fantastic way of promoting your business, so ensure you tailor your design to suit your logo and branding.

Designing your bollard sleeves and totem displays

At, we make big brand printing our business. Whether you’ve got your own artwork in mind or choose to customise one of our premade templates with your own text, you can rest assured that the final product will always be of the high-quality and professional finish that you require.

Our efficient printing service means that you can easily create your unique displays online, and we’ll deliver the high-quality product to your door for free within 5 working days. Just choose your product, customise a premade design or upload your artwork online and let us handle the rest!

Are you ready to transform your profit margins into a retail success story? Entice passers-by into your store with bold bollard sleeves, then convince browsers to make a purchase with iconic totem display stands. Order online today with Our fantastic range of high-quality products means there’s sure to be a product that suits your needs.

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