Business Events: 7 Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them |
Business Events: Avoiding the 7 biggest mistakes

Business Events: Avoiding the 7 biggest mistakes

Business may be making the move to online, but there’s no denying the fact that face-to-face interaction at networking events is here to stay. Experiential marketing has increased dramatically in recent years – meaning the investment of time, money and effort into events is an essential part of any business strategy. From the preparation through to the execution and finally the follow up, every part of your event will create an impact on the overall triumph of your business.

Making the most of every event is vital in order to stay ahead of the competition, but in a competitive sphere with no room for error, how do you know which mistakes to avoid? Today, we’re talking about the most prevalent marketing mistakes that are made by many startups at events and exhibitions – so you can learn from their bad experiences and use them to drive your business to success.

1. Lack of advertising

You’ll be familiar with the expression ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, and that’s exactly what the art of advertising is all about. Whether you’re attending a corporate exhibition or arranging your own pop-up event, let your target market know exactly where you’ll be and what you’ve got to offer. Don’t expect your audience to be mind-readers – generate maximum interest by spreading the word with promotional posters and encourage them to show up and have a chat on the day.

2. Not making the most of your location

While the most-sought after spot may not suit everyone’s budget, an ideal location should be a major priority for every company attending an event or exhibition. Whether you’re organising your own pop-up event or attending a pre-planned trade show, the chance of reaching your intended demographic goes hand-in-hand with the right location. The extra investment in a desirable location with optimum visibility can make all the difference, but there’s no need to lose sleep if your stand is a detour from the main route. With the right advertising – such as impactful iconic quad posters and eye-catching flyers – your stand will be attracting attention in no time.

3. Poorly representing your brand

brief your team

At any expo opportunity, remember that you’re a brand ambassador at all times. Many companies fail to take a holistic approach to their presentation – meaning there’s a lack of consistency in the portrayal of the brand. Invest in high-quality portable displays and a range of eye-catching quad posters to support your pitch, and maintain a positive and professional attitude throughout the day – even when you’re taking time out.

4. Targeting an irrelevant audience

A trade show will attract a variety of different audiences, but how do you sort the promising leads from the time-wasters? Brief your team about the target demographic ahead of the event, so you can focus extra attention on building the most relevant relationships. This way, all of your conversations will be profitable and you’re far more likely to leave an event with an armful of leads.

5. Not connecting with consumers

So you’re confident with the demographic that you’re targeting, now it’s all about engaging with them face-to-face. At expo events, too many brands fail to break down the barrier between themselves and the consumer, which is sure to negatively impact on the ROI. Interact with prospective clients on a personal level to remove that divide – your business will be the one that’s memorable in their minds at the end of the working day, and that means more successful leads.

6. Not understanding your aim

Business is all about targets and goals, and that’s no different at a marketing expo than in the office. Brief the entire team on what you’re out to achieve and as a group, prepare responses for any potential questions that may arise. As long as you all know what you’re trying to achieve, portraying your brand ethos and explaining the USP of your company will come naturally.

7. Failure to follow up

event follow up

After a long day of exhibiting and networking with potential clients, don’t assume that’s the end of the hard work. You might have packed up your free standing display unit (FSDU) and began the journey home but the working day isn’t over just yet. Follow up faux pas are the most painful mistakes a business can make at marketing expos, so dedicate some time to following up with any particularly promising leads. Make calls, send flyers or business posters via mail and get in contact through your social media channels – it’s time to build on that new found relationship and make the expo work for you.

At any marketing event or exhibition, the planning and preparation is just as important as the team’s motivation on the day. Make sure that it’s your charismatic team and eye-catching stand that’s attracting attention from visitors by setting aside some time to thoroughly brief your staff, investing in flexible FSDUs and seeing your expo through to the follow up.



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