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99% of shoppers still go in-store!

99% of shoppers still go in-store!

The Dunnhumby Global Trend Unit, which looked at the behaviour of 7m shoppers across 14 countries, has found that despite the reported surge in online shopping and multichannel shopping, 99% of shoppers still go in-store! This also follows the YouGov research from mid 2014 which revealed that despite the fast growth of ecommerce; fewer than half of UK shoppers are completely happy to buy online.

This research supports the theory that consumers still prefer a physical shopping experience – which is great news for smaller retailers! Although shoppers appreciate the wide selection of information available online about the product they are considering purchasing, they also relish the in-store experience and the ability to actually touch a product, try the product and seek face to face help regarding the product. Then of course, there’s the social aspect of shopping, many enjoy a shopping trip with friends or a loved one accompanied by a pit stop for lunch or a coffee.

What does this mean?

To capitalise on such a statistic, retailers must make sure they are providing the best in-store experience possible in order to secure sales through making the shopper journey easy, swift and enjoyable. Expectations for an in-store purchase experience are high: customers are looking for the same ease and timely service in physical stores that they get from shopping online, yet with the added benefit of being able to touch the desired products and the ability to speak to a helpful staff member.

To analyse if your in-store experience is meeting such expectations, perhaps start by asking yourself the following questions:

Are your departments easy to find?

Are promotional products easy to identify?

Do you have a sufficient amount of in-store displays to provoke shopper engagement?

Is your visual merchandising appealing and engaging?

Are your staff well-trained with vast product knowledge?

If advertising in-store promotions externally (via television, radio or online) are these equally well publicised in–store?

It’s worth noting that only around 16% of grocery shoppers now use shopping lists (Shopper Insights, 2014). The reason for this? Although we can’t quote with 100% accuracy, we would assume that due to increasingly busy lifestyles many of us are time constrained and therefore often don’t pre-plan our store visits. These impulse shoppers don’t want to have to look for a product, if they can’t find it they’re likely to just move on. In simplest terms they want the product to buy them not the other way round and this is exactly why your in-store POS must be spot on. There’s nothing worse than wondering what products are in the 3 for 2 deal or the BOGOF promotion, if it isn’t clear the shopper is likely to abandon the purchase, this is where a Dump Bin or FSDU containing all the products would come in handy or alternatively some prominent in-store banners or hanging signs.

Integrating online and in-store experiences

The surge in multichannel shopping demonstrates that online shopping and in-store shopping are not separate ways for customers to spend their money; they are different channels that do the same job of connecting customers to your products. In fact these channels complement each other and should therefore work together to cover the whole customer journey.

Are you advertising a promotion online that’s also available in-store? If so, your in-store printed communications should carry the same weight as your online advertisements and the two should be aligned with one another. Through doing this your customers will be familiar with the promotion and they’ll be able to identify it easily. Better still, it allows you to hit your target audience with two lots of branded messaging!

How can your POS stand out?

So, you’re convinced of the value of POS and have a marketing budget to invest but not sure of which key rules to bear in mind?  The one firm rule is that your POS needs to be disruptive and stand out from the crowd (whether you’re a small/independent retailer or larger retailer), many shoppers wander the aisles on auto-pilot and you need something that will stop them in their tracks! Your shoppers must see the display, be enticed enough to stop to take a closer look and then the display must sell the product to them – see, stop and sell! Use bright colours to make your display stand out, especially if in your category the packaging tends to be paler, pastel colours. Keep in mind that the average shopper spends just seconds looking at POS and won’t read cluttered, overdone and complicated messaging, therefore simplicity is key!

Check out our gallery of POS designs below and feel free to contact us for any advice.





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