The 7 Types Of Shopper And How POP Can Win Them Over
The 7 Types Of Shopper And How POP Can Win Them Over

The 7 Types Of Shopper And How POP Can Win Them Over

There are seven types of shopper in this world, all of whom approach buying in a different way. While not every type on this list will be looking to buy from you all the time, they are all shoppers which means they will interested in buying some-thing at some-point and are therefore receptive to Point of Purchase (POP) advertising.

Utilising the full range of POP products, here are the different types of shopper and how to woo each of them.

1. The bargain hunter

We all love a good bargain, but the bargain hunter takes things to a whole new level, tracking down the best deals and biggest discounts as a passion. Bargain hunters will happily visit every store in town to find the lowest price, so you’ll need to: a) give it to them; and b) let them know your store is the only one they need. Make any sales, offers and discounts clearly visible across your shop display with window clings and custom banners. Once inside, make sure bargains and pricing is prominently displayed with dump bins or FSDUs (Floor Standing Display Units), shelf edging and hanging signs to point shoppers in the right direction.

2. The impulse buyer

The impulse buyer doesn’t set out shopping with anything particular in mind, but will be happy to splash the cash if a deal sounds good at the time. This type of shopper will typically enter your store on a whim and you need be ready when they do. Emphasise your most tempting offers and products with some well-placed totems and FSDUs. It could also be worth planting a seed in the mind of the impulse buyer by handing out printed flyers promoting your must-purchase goods.

3. The loyal customer

The loyal customer is your most prized asset. You don’t need to do anything to tempt this customer into your store – they are already invested in what you offer. What you can do, though, is keep in touch about new products, offers and events. Custom printed flyers are a simple way to do this and could lead to a few more word-of-mouth recommendations.

4. The need-based customer

The need-based customer is heading to town on a mission to purchase a particular type of item. They aren’t there to window shop or browse around in-store so it’s unlikely they’ll respond to your sales banners. When the needs-based customer enters your store they are looking to have their needs filled in a hurry, otherwise they’ll leave. You can’t predict what they want, but you can try to appeal to their needs by displaying your most popular items prominently with a clearly visible price point. This can be achieved, once again, with FSDUs, along with hanging signs to direct the way from shop entrance to product.

5. The Wanderer

Wanderers make up a large proportion of footfall but contribute very little to sales. They tend to be more interested in experience than spending, which makes selling quite tricky. A good way to add in-store appeal is to use printed posters to promote your store benefits and give away things for free. Everyone loves free stuff, even wanderers. Think along the lines of the big supermarkets when they give away free taster samples of new products. Use totems to draw attention to your stands.

6. The Researcher

Perhaps the trickiest customer of all, the researcher takes a measured approach to shopping, studying online – often for hours on end – to find the best product for their needs. Give preference to your most popular and critically lauded products. If you’ve got a new product, promotional posters and custom banners will give the researcher something to study. If it just so happens that reviews are favourable, they’ll remember that you sell it.

7. The Negotiator

Nothing is safe from the negotiator. Everything is fair game for a haggle, irrespective of any price displayed on shelf wobblers. To win out against the negotiator, draw attention to items you can afford to take a loss on, such as clearance items you need to get rid of and items that don’t sell. Dump bins stocked with reduced goods and bright shelf edging for items you want eyes to be drawn to should ease pressure on salespeople.

So, now you know the shoppers and the ways POP can be used to lure them in, all you need is the printed advertising to grab attention. That’s something we can assist with too; simply give us a call or order online to spruce up your business with the materials that help products sell.

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