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6 Rules for an effective print advert

6 Rules for an effective print advert

Thinking of starting your print advert with your logo and tag line? Well, you may want to re-evaluate your strategy. Why? You’re not offering a solution to a problem; you’re not telling us why we should visit YOU over one of your competitors. Of course including both a logo and tag line are important elements of a print ad but not the introduction point. Initially, you want to draw in the reader, remember people don’t read ads, they read what interests them.

Here are 6 tips for not only grabbing your viewers’ attention but for holding it:

  1. The first and most important element is evoking and instant emotional response through a single image or illustration in order to capture your audience’s attention (you know the saying a picture can paint a thousand words). This alone (coupled with a headline) should be enough to communicate the ads message. This is the point at which we want to create a ‘wow’ or an ‘I want that’ moment or at the very least a ‘oh what’s that?’ thought – in other words a hook that draws in the reader.

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  1. Once the reader is captured by the illustration they will then read the header. The header must be clear and concise. At this stage it should be clear to the reader what service or product you are offering and if it isn’t, the advert must be compelling and interesting enough to make them want to find out.
  1. Now, if you still have your reader’s attention then you’re half way to an effective print ad – you’ve held their attention for at least four seconds. Yes, four seconds is an incredibly short period of time but keep in mind that research shows the average consumer attention span, has recently shrunk from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds!
  1. Now it’s time for the body text otherwise known as the sell text. Here you should explain to your reader what you can offer them and how you can solve a problem. Steer clear from telling your reader who you are or what you do at this stage. Remember to try and keep it short whilst informative – you only have an 8 second window!
  1. The time has come to reveal who you are (including your company logo) and where they can find you, including your email address, phone number and website address.
  1. Now it’s time to cement your brand with a tag line, for example HSBC’s tagline is “the world’s local bank.” If a tagline is done effectively it should help you differentiate yourself from your competition, spark your reader’s imagination and make your brand memorable.

Although points 5 and 6 come later (further down the page), they’re still very much important elements of an effective print advert, ensure that both stand out and are of an appropriate size , you don’t want to lose your reader at this late stage as they can’t find the relevant information.

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