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5 Tips for Using Dump Bins

5 Tips for Using Dump Bins

Although the majority of shoppers enter your store with an intent to purchase a specific item, through retail merchandising, you can increase the customer’s spend-per-visit. Encouraging the customer to add impulse buys to their basket will maximise your customer’s in-store spend and boost your profit-margins.

Strategic product placement at the end of aisles and by till points is one of the most simple and effective ways to encourage spending. In today’s post, we’ll talk you through how and why dump bins for shops can create an impact.

1. Customise the design to advertise your product

Similarly to FSDUs, dump bins are an ideal option for advertising a specific product or brand. Because they’re free standing, cardboard dump bins can stand separate to the shelving unit selling similar items. By customising the design of your dump bin to advertise the product, you’ll not only catch the customer’s eye, but also increase brand awareness.

2. Utilise the store layout

Dump bins are a great way to add valuable space for products in your store. Situate your dump bin at the end of aisles to offer customers an alternative way to pick up their products. It might be a good idea to walk the customer journey yourself – as this will allow you to see the value of placing a dump bin near to a till point. A strategically placed dump bin will encourage the customer to pick up impulse buys they had forgotten or didn’t know they needed while they wait in the queue.

3. Promote special offers


The power of promotional prices means discounted products will end up flying off the shelves. Dump bins are a great way of encouraging customers to pick up fast-moving promotions, which are only on offer for a short period of time. Dump bins are an ideal way to display bundle promotions, as they can accommodate high quantities of a product – leading the customer to pick up multiple units for a discounted price.

4. Shift the hard to shift products

Lining shelves with products that aren’t in high-demand wastes valuable in-store space, as they’re less likely to be added to the customer’s basket. If you’ve noticed a product in your store is hard to sell, using a dump bin to shift markdowns could be the best way to control your store’s stock. A reduction dump bin invites the customer to rummage around for a bargain buy and means the retailer can shift products before they become dead stock. This tactic creates a sense of urgency, too – as the customer knows that once these products are gone, they’re gone.

5. Give away free samples

When advertising a new product, the customer isn’t always ready to buy straight away. They may not have the intent to buy yet or are perhaps loyal to another brand. Either way, freebies are a great way to start building brand awareness. Customisable dump bins mean you can elicit customer curiosity and advertise your new product at the same time. You might still choose to have a brand rep or sales assistant situated by the stand to discuss the benefits of the product, or just use the customisable display to encourage customers to help themselves.

Drive your store sales into the world of success with fully customisable and high-quality POS displays. From dump bins to hanging signs, our wide range of products means that whatever your store requires, we’ll strive to deliver.

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