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5 Tips for an Impactful POS Display

5 Tips for an Impactful POS Display

A point of sale (POS) display is a form of sales promotion which is placed close to the checkouts in stores. It can be used to create a visual impact for consumers, display a new product and ultimately drive customers to purchase more and boost the sales of any range of goods. A (POS) display can be a hugely impactful retail tool, maximising the space on the shop floor and allowing your business to offer more to the consumer. There are a number of ways to create a powerful retail display stand and from the colour to the size, today’s post will offer a variety of tips to keep in mind when harnessing the power of impactful point of sale materials.

1. Size matters

It’s important not to over-clutter your POS display stand as this can have a negative impact on the customer – discouraging them from making the purchase. However, it’s important to think big – particularly in food retail, where close ups of tempting food allows the consumer to visualise exactly what they’re getting. You want the product information to be highlighted in a large and easy to understand display. This is likely to be the last product your customer will see before they make their purchase, so make sure the area is clutter-free and think about how you can concisely deliver any relevant product information before they check out.

2. The power of the palette

The use of colour is timeless when it comes to an effective marketing campaign. Different colours can evoke an emotional response in consumers and it’s proven that colour is a deciding factor in a customer’s purchase – therefore, it’s vital that the right colour is chosen for your point of sale stand. Think red for passion and blue for a sense of trust – and keep in mind that whatever you’re trying to promote, colour drives sales. Green, for example, is a clear signifier to a more ethically minded consumer that your store is potentially an environmentally friendly retailer or producer of organic items.

3. Don’t be afraid of change

When creating a POS display, don’t think long term – instead, think about how you can make it fresh and exciting for the customer upon each visit. POS displays are there to make a quick impact, and therefore the turnaround for new stands should be frequent. Think about the time of year, the changing seasons and the upcoming holidays. Christmas, for example, is a crucial time of year when it comes to making the most of your retail display stands. The consumer knows that POS display stands are where seasonal goods are usually placed and will naturally gravitate towards them.


4. Choose wisely

Choosing what type of POS displays you want in your store can be the hardest part. From display cubes and dump bins to counter top units, it’s important to know exactly what you want the consumer to feel when making the purchase. For example, dump bins strategically placed before the point of purchase can be used to promote sale and bargain items – whereas display cubes and posters are more likely to be used for promotion and to help customers visualise a brand new product in store.

5. Make the most of the senses

Different senses and sounds can increase the sales of a variety of products and can be used as an alternative way to utilise your POS display stands. Being able to touch a product can double the sales of an item and being able to taste produce can increase its sales by 45% – involving the senses in this way can build trust amongst the consumer and brand. They know exactly what they are getting, and are therefore much more likely to make the purchase.

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