5 things to avoid when using Point of Sale
5 things to avoid when designing and displaying your Point of Sale

5 things to avoid when designing and displaying your Point of Sale

  1. Mixed Messages

Try to keep the messaging on your POS clear and concise. You have approx. 3 seconds to capture the attention of the passing trade, we would therefore suggest one strong to the point headline on the header of your FSDU or Dump Bin rather than using an excessive amount of text.

  1. Brand Inconsistency 

It may sound obvious but always ensure your POS artwork is in-keeping with your overall brand. Your POS across your store portfolio should be consistent, always use the same brand colours and fonts, if you’re a brand who sells your products via another retailer be sure to include your logo.  The point of sale in your store including posters, dump bins, FSDUs and hanging signs should look part of an overall collection for every POS campaign.

  1. Overloading

During the festive period retailers often find that their shelf space is lacking as is their stockroom capacity. Temporary point of sale units such as FSDUs are a perfect solution during this time, however, many retailers will often overload such units in order to get as much product onto the shop floor as possible. Although most of our FSDUs take up to 12kg per shelf, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend filling them to the brim, it can often make units look untidy and disorganised. If high density merchandising works for you and your products don’t need to be presented in an orderly fashion, we would suggest using a Dump Bin, they have a ‘pile it high’ nature so lend themselves perfectly to such situations!

  1. Not recording your results

It’s a myth that you can’t measure the effect your POS has had on in-store sales, as with any other form of marketing, you should always look to explore its ROI. For example, you should record how a certain item performed when displayed on a permanent shelving unit compared to when displayed using a FSDU or Dump Bin. You should also test displaying your temporary point of sale units at different locations within your store to see where they best perform.

  1. Not double checking your artwork

There’s nothing more frustrating (and costly!) than designing your POS artwork and sending it to print only to find that there’s a typo, spelling mistake or incorrect graphic. Always treble check your file, if you’re unsure whether your artwork has been set correctly give us a call on 0191 4198655 and we can advise or check this for you. The most common mistakes are not including bleed, using RGB rather than CMYK or the artwork not being set to the correct dimensions.

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