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3 Ways Point of Sale can reduce in-store basket abandonment

3 Ways Point of Sale can reduce in-store basket abandonment

Basket abandonment is a term that many of us within the retail and marketing industry are more than familiar with. We often receive daily articles discussing the importance of e-commerce conversion rate and how to potentially improve our customers user journey in order to reduce this online abandonment. Yet, you very rarely see the same number of articles (if any) discussing in-store basket abandonment? Of course, it’s more difficult to track abandonment and customer journey within store and thus much harder to prevent. However, technology aside, there are still some very basic ways basic point of sale can play an integral part in reducing in-store basket abandonment.


Product reviews

As shopper become increasingly savvy, many won’t purchase a product without knowing what other verified purchasers think of it.  This is particularly the case when it comes to products in the health and beauty sector. With dedicated beauty bloggers and YouTube channels it can take a potential customer just seconds to carry out an online search and discover what other customers are saying about a product. Yet often when viewing a product in-store there’s nothing available other than basic product information, the price and the advice of the sales associate.

A simple piece of point of sale quoting a few stand out reviews, customer statistics or awards would have in many cases been enough to close the sale, reducing the customers need to reach for their smartphone. Retailers often have individual product reviews proudly displayed online, as well as award badges and blogger/publication endorsements but unfortunately such efforts aren’t always replicated within store.


Key Product Facts

Often purchases are abandoned in-store as customers don’t have the key facts or selling points they require in order to  be persuaded enough to complete the purchase.  With the wealth of information now available online from product tutorials to instant chat services, stores need to arm their staff with the knowledge and training they need to provide an equally (if not more) informative service. However thorough training does not always ensure good service especially during busier periods, consequently stores should try integrating interesting product facts into their Point of Sale display,  for example, ” did you know our energy boosting moisturiser is most suitable for both dry and oily skin?”



Ever been deliberating over a certain item but can’t quite decide if it’s in a promotion or not? If the information we need isn’t readily available, most of us will abandon the purchase. When merchandising your displays ensure it is absolutely clear which items are discounted. To be on the safe side it’s always best to have a stand or rail that is dedicated to promotional items alongside bold and clear point of sale posters or show cards.

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