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3 Smart, Space-Saving Retail Display Solutions

3 Smart, Space-Saving Retail Display Solutions

Whether it’s a high street store or independent boutique, every retailer understands the importance of maximising their product marketing on the shop floor. With aisles packed full of products and eye-catching FSDUs drawing attention to special offers, it can be difficult to find space for all of your much-needed in-store displays.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at three of the smartest solutions when it comes to saving space in your store – so you won’t have to compromise on merchandising when designing your shop’s layout. With retail merchandising strategies constantly evolving, it’s essential for retailers to invest in versatile and low-cost display solutions. Each of these affordable products is specifically designed to promote product sales, helping you to increase spend-per-visit in no time at all.

Introducing the shelf wobbler

In crowded shops, many customers struggle to decide between a barrage of competing brands. With so much vibrant branding and so many competitive prices on the shelves, consumers are turning towards the retailer for guidance on which brand is best.

For low-cost retail signage that influences buying behaviour, the shelf wobbler is certainly one of the most effective options. From highlighting promotional prices to prompting the consumer to choose one brand over another, shelf wobblers utilise the highly valuable merchandising space offered by shelf edges. Designed for aisles that are crowded with product choices, a shelf wobbler is an ideal solution for everywhere from cafés to convenience stores.

Whether you’re showing off your special offers, pushing a particular product or providing extra insight into a specific item, these dynamic shelf talkers offer retailers a simple and effective means of communicating with their customers. Easy to design and install, this versatile display material is one of the most convenient and cost-effective choices available. Shelf wobblers are ideal for appealing to tech-savvy consumers, too – just add a QR code to this eye-level solution and encourage shoppers to interact with your store online.

Attracting attention with hanging signs


Suspended from the ceiling, these space-saving signs are designed to alert the customer to upcoming offers, as well as allowing retailers to guide shoppers into and around the store. Printed in high definition, hanging banner signs are supplied with extendable spring and ceiling hooks – making them suitable for any store environment.

Offering a retail display option that communicates marketing messages to the customer without using any floor space whatsoever, there’s no doubt that a hanging sign is one of the most economical display materials available. Utilise hanging signs in aisles to prompt potential purchases, and alert impulse buyers to one-off deals by placing these overhead signs in and around the point of sale. This innovative retail display solution is so perfect for busy stores that customers won’t be able to resist placing additional products in their baskets.

Appealing to passers-by with window clings

Drawing in passing trade is one of the most important aspects of retail merchandising, which means the shop window plays a vital role in boosting in-store sales. Designing an eye-catching window display is crucial to making your brand stand out on the high street, so seize your opportunity to entice shoppers inside your store with customisable window graphics. Window clings offer a practical and economical solution to semi-permanent window displays – and with these attention-grabbing solutions, you can create maximum buzz around your seasonal sales.


Whether you’re using the shop window to publicise the arrival of an exciting new product range or promoting in-store offers and discounts, a window cling is a great way to drive lucrative foot traffic into your store.

Our space-saving retail display solutions mean you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your in-store advertising. From persuading passers-by to take a look at your special offers to optimising the customer journey with eye-catching hanging signs, taking an all-guns-blazing approach to retail merchandising makes it easy to increase your customers’ spend-per-visit.

Are you ready to see product sales soar? Browse our collection of high-quality customisable display materials and place your order online with!

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