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19 Ridiculous Customers All Retail Staff Hate

19 Ridiculous Customers All Retail Staff Hate

From unsociable hours to unflattering uniforms, the life of a retail worker is not to be envied. Check out these 19 ridiculous customers all retail staff have to deal with!

1. The one who refuses to put cash in your hand

Customers who put cash on the counter instead of in my hand…why? Who does that? This wastes everyone’s time while I have to scrape the coins off the conveyor belt!

2. The prolific stock-dumper


Seriously, how hard is it to put the bread back in the bakery aisle? Or the clothes back on the rack? Or anything back where it came from?!

3. The one who knows your shift is over but stops you anyway

I’m wearing my coat and I’m talking on my mobile, but STILL, a customer says: “Can you show me where the shampoo is?” Seriously, though?

4. The repetitive retail joker


After 24 hours in retail, I was already sick of hearing this ‘joke’. If customers must insist on conversation, please, keep it original.

5. The threatener

Believe it or not, most retail workers aren’t actually that bothered about where customers shop. I still get paid – so stop with the threats.

6. The one who’s glued to their phone


Do you have to take a call just as I’m about to serve you? You know retail workers are people too, right? Don’t be rude!

7. The one who ‘knows’ their consumer rights

Please do not threaten me with your ‘knowledge’ of consumer rights. I’m not listening. I don’t care. And you’re wrong.

8. The “do you have this out the back?” guy


No. If you can’t see it, we don’t have it. Despite what you think, the stockroom doesn’t have an unlimited supply of the exact items you’re looking for.

9. The one who wants you to look on the bright side

Long hours, endless queues and a never-ending conversation beginning with: “Would you like a bag?” What doesn’t make this situation better? A middle-aged man saying: “Cheer up love, might never happen.”

10. The one who doesn’t have a home to go to


Customers who wait outside an hour before the store opens are the bane of every retail worker’s life – don’t they have anywhere to be? Same goes for those who come in thirty seconds before closing time. And Sunday shoppers. And bank holiday bargain hunters. Just know that we all hate you.

11. The one who insists it’s cheaper on the website

If it’s cheaper online, you know what the answer is, don’t you? Buy it online and stop bothering the staff! Shocking, I know, but we don’t decide on the price of stock!

12. The one who loves Christmas


We all know time doesn’t apply in retail. The pumpkins are usually out before the barbecues are packed away – but it’s October, so please stop asking when the Christmas trees will be in. And let’s not get started on the Christmas CD. Three months of Band Aid belting out ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ is enough to tip anyone over the edge.

13. The one who won’t take no for an answer

When I tell you a product is out of stock and you proceed to ask another member of staff the same question, that’s a sure-fire way to make yourself a shop assistant’s enemy.

14. The incessant trolley-dumper


At the end of another exhausting shift, there’s nothing us retail staff love more than trawling the car park to retrieve trolleys. If you won’t do it for the pound coin, do it for the sake of our sanity! Return the trolley!

15. The one who calls you by your name tag

Name tags are not something retail workers choose to wear. It’s policy. Please stop calling me by my name. I’m not your friend – and it’s weird.

16. The hopeful haggler


No, you don’t get a discount for cash – because that’s not a thing. Stop asking.

17. The one who asks: “Do you work here?”

Despite your branded uniform and name badge, there’s always someone who asks if you work there. No, I don’t work here. I just come in 9-5, dressed in the company’s uniform and stock shelves for a laugh. Think before you speak!

18. The one who wants you to pack their bags


I’m honestly just doing as I’m told when I offer to pack your bags – please don’t abuse my reluctant kindness!

19. The one who eats/drinks stock without paying for it

If you insist on eating crisps as you walk around the store, at least pay for them! Crumpled packets stuffed behind the toilet cleaner don’t impress anyone, and they make stock takes hell on earth.

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  1. Customers who ferret around in the bag looking for the purse, hand you a note then put the purse back in the bottom of the bag before filling the bag with their shopping. Then you have to wait while they search the bag again to find the purse so that they can put the change in it. Same thing happens in winter with walkers – strip off 3 layers of waterproofs then search through the umpteen pockets of a walking jacket then don’t wait for the change before re=dressing.

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