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12 Ways to Up Your Event Marketing Game

12 Ways to Up Your Event Marketing Game

Despite the questionable British weather, the summer season is officially upon us – and that means festival season is in full swing. With thousands of people flocking to fields and open air events, we’re taking a look at how businesses can benefit from getting involved in a variety of events.

Events are all about footfall and audience reach, and every square inch of advertising space is an opportunity to grab attention and turn passers by into customers. Today, we’re throwing the spotlight on events and festivals – providing ambitious businesses with ways to up their event marketing game in an effort to propel them towards future success.



The music industry is a great way to engage audiences and create connections with potential customers. Festival attendees are looking to be immersed in an experience – so why not get your business involved?

1. Recognise an opportunity

You don’t need to wait for the big events to start targeting your audience. Whether an event attracts 20 or 20,000 people, if it’s bringing in a relevant audience for your business, that’s the place to be. A festival guarantees two things; mud and rain! So why not appeal to your audience by providing them with things they might need during their time spent al fresco? From customised umbrellas and chairs to printed t-shirts and clean socks, there are a number of ways to get your brand’s name out there – and strategically placed business posters can alert attendees to your location at an event.

2. Think outside the box

World famous cereal brand Kellogg’s surprised guests at a pop-up concert in Chicago, when their pop tarts literally popped up – with people dressed as snacks posing for a picture with attendees. This sort of marketing helps businesses stand out from the crowd – all while creating a memorable experience that event attendees are guaranteed to tell their friends about. Spend some time coming up with innovative themes for your business and think about ways to set your brand apart from the competition.

3. Know your audience

Festivals bring together people from all walks of life. From Glastonbury and T in the Park to lesser known events, these spaces provide the perfect opportunity for businesses who are serious about being seen. Whether you’re promoting skin care products, a new beer or a film release, offering sample products, testers and posters is a great way to engage your audience. Fully customisable dump bins mean you can display your products in one place – giving your audience easy access to what’s on offer and your business another opportunity to boost branding.

B2B networking


With LinkedIn cited as the top social media channel for B2B marketing but not advertising, it pays to be smart with your networking strategy.

4. Tell your story

Other businesses want to work with a brand they can believe in – so make sure you sell your story. From the business’ foundations to what drives the team, break down the barriers between business and personal relationships and you’ll see your leads soar. When it comes to events, attendees will already feel like they know your company’s name – providing you with the perfect launchpad to start a conversation.

5. Be seen socially

With your story perfected, it’s time to make sure it’s seen. From your social media channels right through to networking events, it’s important you put your story out there. Were you a struggling SME? Is the business family run? Is your business run by a team of young professionals? Find your USP and put it out there. Other businesses will respect your willingness to look beyond the business boundaries in an effort to create real relationships.

Product launches


Whether you’re introducing a new service or want to market a brand new product, launch events are a great way to put your business on the map and allow your audience to get a first-hand glimpse of what you can offer.

6. Tactics and timing

From the initial idea right through to the follow-up, it’s crucial that you have a plan in place ahead of your product launch. Test your product before the launch day and carry out run throughs of how you want the day to map out. This will help you keep timings accurate and ensure your audience remains engaged at all times. Creating post-event content or running Facebook adverts can help you measure the success of a product launch – while event surveys can gather feedback and tools like Google Analytics will show you where your conversions are coming from.

7. In-store product launches

In the world of retail, there’s no better place to market your product than in the store that will stock it. From live demos of new video games to taste testers in supermarkets, dump bins for shops are the perfect promotional aid – allowing you to keep the new products close at hand for customers who decide to buy them. Easy to move and replenish, they can be customised to suit any new product. Make sure your customers are aware of any upcoming product launches by advertising throughout your store. Sale posters for retail or quad posters for the film industry can help draw attention to special offers or new releases – keeping your customers and audience in the know.

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Trade fairs

Trade fairs

No matter your size or target market, a trade show or exhibition is the perfect place to pitch up and promote your new product – or simply engage with other industry influencers.

8. Utilise marketing materials

In the world of marketing, promotion is everything. From a customised dump bin offering attendees free merchandise to an attention-commanding quad poster displaying business details, every aspect of your promotion matters. Don’t forget, your employees play a crucial role in the brand experience, so make sure you pick the best team for the job – as this will change depending on the nature of the event.

9. Work the room

One of the most valuable things businesses can do at expos is network. Whether it’s a trade show for 50 or 500 businesses, professional events allow a variety of industries to come together under one roof and share their knowledge. From seeking out the competition to expanding your outreach, putting in the time to meet with as many businesses and attendees as possible will guarantee a more lucrative event.

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Business dinners


Business dinners can be a great way to liase with clients outside of the 9-5 and away from the stresses of the office.

10. Go bold with branding

Business dinners provide the perfect platform to work on your branding. From leaving business cards on tables to personalising the wine bottles, there are a number of ways to get creative with your branding. If you’re hosting a Christmas event, have your business logo printed onto gifts and crackers – providing clients with a relatively inexpensive keepsake and your business with a great opportunity for mass brand reach.

11. Location, location, location

Whatever your industry, choosing the location for your business dinner will be crucial. Like your branding, the events you host say a lot about your business. Make sure your event is one clients are proud to attend. Whether this means hiring out an impressive pavilion or making your clients the stars of the show, make them feel special with the time and effort you put into finding the perfect venue.

12. Mix business with pleasure

While events offer the perfect opportunity to sell your business, they’re also a great way to reconnect with your employees – the people keeping your business running! As the CEO or MD of a business, there’s often a very tangible space between employee and employer relationships – especially if you’re not all working under the same roof.

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen relationships through the various ranks, try organising an informal event away from the office. Working on communications away from work is a sure-fire way to make internal communications run more smoothly. Don’t miss an opportunity to work on your event marketing game. Invite family members, friends and partners along to your staff events – because who knows which industry the next lead might come from?

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